ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8408-g466a198
param.h File Reference
#include <schily/mconfig.h>
#include <schily/types.h>
#include <schily/limits.h>
#include <schily/unistd.h>
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#define NBBY   8 /* Number of bits per byte */
#define DEV_BSIZE   512 /* UNIX Device Block size */
#define NODEV   ((dev_t)-1L)
#define HZ   100
#define NZERO   20

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#define DEV_BSIZE   512 /* UNIX Device Block size */

Definition at line 50 of file param.h.

◆ HZ

#define HZ   100

Definition at line 64 of file param.h.


#define NBBY   8 /* Number of bits per byte */

Definition at line 46 of file param.h.


#define NODEV   ((dev_t)-1L)

Definition at line 57 of file param.h.


#define NZERO   20

Definition at line 73 of file param.h.