ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3207-ga415bd4
ExplorerCommandLineParseResults Struct Reference

#include <browseui_undoc.h>

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Public Attributes

LPWSTR strPath
DWORD dwFlags
int nCmdShow
DWORD offset10
DWORD offset14
DWORD offset18
DWORD offset1C
CLSID clsid
GUID guidInproc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file browseui_undoc.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clsid

CLSID ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::clsid

Definition at line 109 of file browseui_undoc.h.

◆ dwFlags

DWORD ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::dwFlags

Definition at line 102 of file browseui_undoc.h.

Referenced by _tmain(), SHCreateFromDesktop(), and SHExplorerParseCmdLine().

◆ guidInproc

GUID ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::guidInproc

Definition at line 110 of file browseui_undoc.h.

Referenced by SHExplorerParseCmdLine().

◆ nCmdShow

int ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::nCmdShow

Definition at line 103 of file browseui_undoc.h.

Referenced by _tmain(), and SHCreateFromDesktop().

◆ offset10

DWORD ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::offset10

Definition at line 104 of file browseui_undoc.h.

◆ offset14

DWORD ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::offset14

Definition at line 105 of file browseui_undoc.h.

◆ offset18

DWORD ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::offset18

Definition at line 106 of file browseui_undoc.h.

◆ offset1C

DWORD ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::offset1C

Definition at line 107 of file browseui_undoc.h.

◆ pidlPath

LPITEMIDLIST ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::pidlPath

◆ pidlRoot

LPITEMIDLIST ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::pidlRoot

Definition at line 108 of file browseui_undoc.h.

Referenced by _tmain(), SHExplorerParseCmdLine(), and StartWithCommandLine().

◆ strPath

LPWSTR ExplorerCommandLineParseResults::strPath

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