ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8393-g61b7fb9
chunk Struct Reference

#include <btrfs_drv.h>

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Public Attributes

uint16_t size
uint64_t offset
uint64_t used
uint64_t oldused
device ** devices
LIST_ENTRY space_size
LIST_ENTRY deleting
LIST_ENTRY changed_extents
LIST_ENTRY range_locks
ERESOURCE range_locks_lock
KEVENT range_locks_event
ERESOURCE changed_extents_lock
bool created
bool readonly
bool reloc
bool last_alloc_set
bool cache_loaded
bool changed
bool space_changed
uint64_t last_alloc
uint16_t last_stripe
LIST_ENTRY partial_stripes
ERESOURCE partial_stripes_lock
ULONG balance_num
LIST_ENTRY list_entry
LIST_ENTRY list_entry_balance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 561 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ balance_num

ULONG chunk::balance_num

Definition at line 590 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by balance_data_chunk(), try_consolidation(), and write_metadata_items().

◆ cache

fcb* chunk::cache

Definition at line 568 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by balance_data_chunk().

◆ cache_loaded

bool chunk::cache_loaded

Definition at line 583 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by rationalize_extents().

◆ changed

bool chunk::changed

Definition at line 584 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by allocate_cache_chunk(), and try_consolidation().

◆ changed_extents

LIST_ENTRY chunk::changed_extents

Definition at line 573 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by balance_data_chunk().

◆ changed_extents_lock

ERESOURCE chunk::changed_extents_lock

Definition at line 578 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ chunk_item

◆ created

bool chunk::created

Definition at line 579 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ deleting

LIST_ENTRY chunk::deleting

Definition at line 572 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ devices

device** chunk::devices

Definition at line 567 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ last_alloc

uint64_t chunk::last_alloc

Definition at line 586 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ last_alloc_set

bool chunk::last_alloc_set

Definition at line 582 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ last_stripe

uint16_t chunk::last_stripe

Definition at line 587 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ list_entry

LIST_ENTRY chunk::list_entry

Definition at line 592 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ list_entry_balance

LIST_ENTRY chunk::list_entry_balance

Definition at line 593 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by try_consolidation().

◆ lock

ERESOURCE chunk::lock

Definition at line 577 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ offset

◆ old_cache

fcb* chunk::old_cache

Definition at line 569 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ oldused

uint64_t chunk::oldused

Definition at line 566 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ partial_stripes

LIST_ENTRY chunk::partial_stripes

Definition at line 588 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ partial_stripes_lock

ERESOURCE chunk::partial_stripes_lock

Definition at line 589 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ range_locks

LIST_ENTRY chunk::range_locks

Definition at line 574 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ range_locks_event

KEVENT chunk::range_locks_event

Definition at line 576 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ range_locks_lock

ERESOURCE chunk::range_locks_lock

Definition at line 575 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ readonly

◆ reloc

◆ size

◆ space

LIST_ENTRY chunk::space

Definition at line 570 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ space_changed

bool chunk::space_changed

Definition at line 585 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by allocate_cache_chunk(), and try_consolidation().

◆ space_size

LIST_ENTRY chunk::space_size

Definition at line 571 of file btrfs_drv.h.

◆ used

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