ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7928-g68a8619
mscms_priv.h File Reference
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const chardbgstr_tag (DWORD) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN

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◆ dbgstr_tag()

const char * dbgstr_tag ( DWORD  tag)

Definition at line 58 of file profile.c.

60 return wine_dbg_sprintf( "'%c%c%c%c'",
61 (char)(tag >> 24), (char)(tag >> 16), (char)(tag >> 8), (char)(tag) );
const char * wine_dbg_sprintf(const char *format,...)
Definition: compat.c:296
Definition: ecma_167.h:138

Referenced by CreateColorTransformW(), match_profile(), RegisterCMMA(), RegisterCMMW(), SelectCMM(), UnregisterCMMA(), UnregisterCMMW(), and WcsGetUsePerUserProfiles().