ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7942-gd23573b
_Noconv_output< _Traits > Class Template Reference

#include <_fstream.h>

Public Types

typedef _Traits::char_type char_type

Static Public Member Functions

static bool _STLP_CALL _M_doit (basic_filebuf< char_type, _Traits > *, char_type *, char_type *)

Detailed Description

template<class _Traits>
class _Noconv_output< _Traits >

Definition at line 354 of file _fstream.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ char_type

template<class _Traits >
typedef _Traits::char_type _Noconv_output< _Traits >::char_type

Definition at line 356 of file _fstream.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _M_doit()

template<class _Traits >
static bool _STLP_CALL _Noconv_output< _Traits >::_M_doit ( basic_filebuf< char_type, _Traits > *  ,
char_type ,

Definition at line 357 of file _fstream.h.

359 { return false; }

Referenced by basic_filebuf< char, char_traits< char > >::imbue().

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