ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8222-g9164419
dwarf2_parse_context_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for dwarf2_parse_context_s:

Public Attributes

const dwarf2_section_tsections
unsigned section
struct pool pool
struct modulemodule
struct symt_compilandcompiland
const struct elf_thunk_areathunks
struct sparse_array abbrev_table
struct sparse_array debug_info_table
ULONG_PTR load_offset
ULONG_PTR ref_offset
struct symtsymt_cache [sc_num]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 180 of file dwarf.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ abbrev_table

struct sparse_array dwarf2_parse_context_s::abbrev_table

Definition at line 188 of file dwarf.c.

◆ compiland

struct symt_compiland* dwarf2_parse_context_s::compiland

Definition at line 186 of file dwarf.c.

Referenced by dwarf2_parse_variable().

◆ cpp_name

char* dwarf2_parse_context_s::cpp_name

Definition at line 193 of file dwarf.c.

◆ debug_info_table

struct sparse_array dwarf2_parse_context_s::debug_info_table

Definition at line 189 of file dwarf.c.

◆ load_offset

ULONG_PTR dwarf2_parse_context_s::load_offset

◆ module

◆ pool

struct pool dwarf2_parse_context_s::pool

Definition at line 184 of file dwarf.c.

◆ ref_offset

ULONG_PTR dwarf2_parse_context_s::ref_offset

Definition at line 191 of file dwarf.c.

◆ section

unsigned dwarf2_parse_context_s::section

Definition at line 183 of file dwarf.c.

◆ sections

const dwarf2_section_t* dwarf2_parse_context_s::sections

Definition at line 182 of file dwarf.c.

◆ symt_cache

struct symt* dwarf2_parse_context_s::symt_cache[sc_num]

Definition at line 192 of file dwarf.c.

◆ thunks

const struct elf_thunk_area* dwarf2_parse_context_s::thunks

Definition at line 187 of file dwarf.c.

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