ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8245-gd24675b
mm.c File Reference
#include "bl.h"
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NTSTATUS MmArchInitialize (_In_ ULONG Phase, _In_ PBL_MEMORY_DATA MemoryData, _In_ BL_TRANSLATION_TYPE TranslationType, _In_ BL_TRANSLATION_TYPE RequestedTranslationType)
NTSTATUS MmMapPhysicalAddress (_Inout_ PPHYSICAL_ADDRESS PhysicalAddressPtr, _Inout_ PVOID *VirtualAddressPtr, _Inout_ PULONGLONG SizePtr, _In_ ULONG CacheAttributes)
BOOLEAN MmArchTranslateVirtualAddress (_In_ PVOID VirtualAddress, _Out_opt_ PPHYSICAL_ADDRESS PhysicalAddress, _Out_opt_ PULONG CachingFlags)


BL_ADDRESS_RANGE MmArchKsegAddressRange
ULONG_PTR MmArchTopOfApplicationAddressSpace
ULONG MmArchLargePageSize

Function Documentation

◆ MmArchInitialize()

NTSTATUS MmArchInitialize ( _In_ ULONG  Phase,
_In_ PBL_MEMORY_DATA  MemoryData,
_In_ BL_TRANSLATION_TYPE  TranslationType,
_In_ BL_TRANSLATION_TYPE  RequestedTranslationType 

Definition at line 20 of file mm.c.

27 EfiPrintf(L" MmArchInitialize NOT IMPLEMENTED for this platform\r\n");
VOID EfiPrintf(_In_ PWCHAR Format,...)
Definition: firmware.c:126
Definition: ntstatus.h:239
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50

Referenced by BlpMmInitialize().

◆ MmArchTranslateVirtualAddress()

BOOLEAN MmArchTranslateVirtualAddress ( _In_ PVOID  VirtualAddress,
_Out_opt_ PPHYSICAL_ADDRESS  PhysicalAddress,
_Out_opt_ PULONG  CachingFlags 

Definition at line 44 of file mm.c.

50 EfiPrintf(L" MmMapPhysicalAddress NOT IMPLEMENTED for this platform\r\n");
51 return FALSE;
#define FALSE
Definition: types.h:117

Referenced by BlMmTranslateVirtualAddress().

◆ MmMapPhysicalAddress()

NTSTATUS MmMapPhysicalAddress ( _Inout_ PPHYSICAL_ADDRESS  PhysicalAddressPtr,
_Inout_ PVOID VirtualAddressPtr,
_Inout_ PULONGLONG  SizePtr,
_In_ ULONG  CacheAttributes 

Definition at line 32 of file mm.c.

39 EfiPrintf(L" MmMapPhysicalAddress NOT IMPLEMENTED for this platform\r\n");

Variable Documentation

◆ MmArchKsegAddressRange

BL_ADDRESS_RANGE MmArchKsegAddressRange

Definition at line 13 of file mm.c.

Referenced by MmPapAllocatePagesInRange(), and MmSelectMappingAddress().

◆ MmArchLargePageSize

ULONG MmArchLargePageSize

Definition at line 15 of file mm.c.

Referenced by MmPapPageAllocatorExtend().

◆ MmArchTopOfApplicationAddressSpace

ULONG_PTR MmArchTopOfApplicationAddressSpace

Definition at line 14 of file mm.c.

Referenced by MmSelectMappingAddress().