ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8393-g61b7fb9
gl_eval_attrib Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

Public Attributes

GLboolean Map1Color4
GLboolean Map1Index
GLboolean Map1Normal
GLboolean Map1TextureCoord1
GLboolean Map1TextureCoord2
GLboolean Map1TextureCoord3
GLboolean Map1TextureCoord4
GLboolean Map1Vertex3
GLboolean Map1Vertex4
GLboolean Map2Color4
GLboolean Map2Index
GLboolean Map2Normal
GLboolean Map2TextureCoord1
GLboolean Map2TextureCoord2
GLboolean Map2TextureCoord3
GLboolean Map2TextureCoord4
GLboolean Map2Vertex3
GLboolean Map2Vertex4
GLboolean AutoNormal
GLuint MapGrid1un
GLfloat MapGrid1u1
GLfloat MapGrid1u2
GLuint MapGrid2un
GLuint MapGrid2vn
GLfloat MapGrid2u1
GLfloat MapGrid2u2
GLfloat MapGrid2v1
GLfloat MapGrid2v2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 724 of file types.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AutoNormal

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::AutoNormal

Definition at line 744 of file types.h.

◆ Map1Color4

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1Color4

Definition at line 726 of file types.h.

◆ Map1Index

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1Index

Definition at line 727 of file types.h.

◆ Map1Normal

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1Normal

Definition at line 728 of file types.h.

◆ Map1TextureCoord1

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1TextureCoord1

Definition at line 729 of file types.h.

◆ Map1TextureCoord2

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1TextureCoord2

Definition at line 730 of file types.h.

◆ Map1TextureCoord3

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1TextureCoord3

Definition at line 731 of file types.h.

◆ Map1TextureCoord4

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1TextureCoord4

Definition at line 732 of file types.h.

◆ Map1Vertex3

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1Vertex3

Definition at line 733 of file types.h.

◆ Map1Vertex4

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map1Vertex4

Definition at line 734 of file types.h.

◆ Map2Color4

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2Color4

Definition at line 735 of file types.h.

◆ Map2Index

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2Index

Definition at line 736 of file types.h.

◆ Map2Normal

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2Normal

Definition at line 737 of file types.h.

◆ Map2TextureCoord1

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2TextureCoord1

Definition at line 738 of file types.h.

◆ Map2TextureCoord2

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2TextureCoord2

Definition at line 739 of file types.h.

◆ Map2TextureCoord3

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2TextureCoord3

Definition at line 740 of file types.h.

◆ Map2TextureCoord4

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2TextureCoord4

Definition at line 741 of file types.h.

◆ Map2Vertex3

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2Vertex3

Definition at line 742 of file types.h.

◆ Map2Vertex4

GLboolean gl_eval_attrib::Map2Vertex4

Definition at line 743 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid1u1

GLfloat gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid1u1

Definition at line 747 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid1u2

GLfloat gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid1u2

Definition at line 747 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid1un

GLuint gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid1un

Definition at line 746 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid2u1

GLfloat gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid2u1

Definition at line 749 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid2u2

GLfloat gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid2u2

Definition at line 749 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid2un

GLuint gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid2un

Definition at line 748 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid2v1

GLfloat gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid2v1

Definition at line 750 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid2v2

GLfloat gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid2v2

Definition at line 750 of file types.h.

◆ MapGrid2vn

GLuint gl_eval_attrib::MapGrid2vn

Definition at line 748 of file types.h.

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