ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7196-g0fe0b40
tagContext Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

ITfContext ITfContext_iface
ITfSource ITfSource_iface
ITfContextOwnerCompositionServices ITfContextOwnerCompositionServices_iface
ITfInsertAtSelection ITfInsertAtSelection_iface
ITfSourceSingle ITfSourceSingle_iface
ITextStoreACPSink ITextStoreACPSink_iface
ITextStoreACPServices ITextStoreACPServices_iface
LONG refCount
BOOL connected
TfClientId tidOwner
TfEditCookie defaultCookie
TS_STATUS documentStatus
struct list pContextKeyEventSink
struct list pEditTransactionSink
struct list pStatusSink
struct list pTextEditSink
struct list pTextLayoutSink

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file context.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CompartmentMgr

ITfCompartmentMgr* tagContext::CompartmentMgr

Definition at line 56 of file context.c.

◆ connected

BOOL tagContext::connected

Definition at line 53 of file context.c.

◆ currentEditSession

ITfEditSession* tagContext::currentEditSession

Definition at line 66 of file context.c.

◆ defaultCookie

TfEditCookie tagContext::defaultCookie

Definition at line 59 of file context.c.

◆ documentStatus

TS_STATUS tagContext::documentStatus

Definition at line 60 of file context.c.

◆ ITextStoreACPServices_iface

ITextStoreACPServices tagContext::ITextStoreACPServices_iface

Definition at line 51 of file context.c.

◆ ITextStoreACPSink_iface

ITextStoreACPSink tagContext::ITextStoreACPSink_iface

Definition at line 50 of file context.c.

◆ ITfContext_iface

ITfContext tagContext::ITfContext_iface

Definition at line 41 of file context.c.

◆ ITfContextOwnerCompositionServices_iface

ITfContextOwnerCompositionServices tagContext::ITfContextOwnerCompositionServices_iface

Definition at line 44 of file context.c.

◆ ITfInsertAtSelection_iface

ITfInsertAtSelection tagContext::ITfInsertAtSelection_iface

Definition at line 46 of file context.c.

◆ ITfSource_iface

ITfSource tagContext::ITfSource_iface

Definition at line 42 of file context.c.

◆ ITfSourceSingle_iface

ITfSourceSingle tagContext::ITfSourceSingle_iface

Definition at line 49 of file context.c.

◆ manager

ITfDocumentMgr* tagContext::manager

Definition at line 61 of file context.c.

◆ pContextKeyEventSink

struct list tagContext::pContextKeyEventSink

Definition at line 69 of file context.c.

◆ pEditTransactionSink

struct list tagContext::pEditTransactionSink

Definition at line 70 of file context.c.

◆ pITextStoreACP

ITextStoreACP* tagContext::pITextStoreACP

Definition at line 63 of file context.c.

◆ pITfContextOwnerCompositionSink

ITfContextOwnerCompositionSink* tagContext::pITfContextOwnerCompositionSink

Definition at line 64 of file context.c.

◆ pStatusSink

struct list tagContext::pStatusSink

Definition at line 71 of file context.c.

◆ pTextEditSink

struct list tagContext::pTextEditSink

Definition at line 72 of file context.c.

◆ pTextLayoutSink

struct list tagContext::pTextLayoutSink

Definition at line 73 of file context.c.

◆ refCount

LONG tagContext::refCount

Definition at line 52 of file context.c.

◆ tidOwner

TfClientId tagContext::tidOwner

Definition at line 58 of file context.c.

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