ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8119-g4fb2fdb
_fcb Struct Reference

#include <btrfs_drv.h>

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Public Attributes

struct _fcb_nonpagednonpaged
LONG refcount
POOL_TYPE pool_type
struct _device_extensionVcb
struct _rootsubvol
uint64_t inode
uint32_t hash
uint8_t type
INODE_ITEM inode_item
bool deleted
PKTHREAD lazy_writer_thread
ULONG atts
SHARE_ACCESS share_access
bool csum_loaded
LIST_ENTRY extents
ANSI_STRING reparse_xattr
ANSI_STRING ea_xattr
ULONG ealen
LIST_ENTRY hardlinks
struct _file_reffileref
bool inode_item_changed
enum prop_compression_type prop_compression
bool marked_as_orphan
bool case_sensitive
bool case_sensitive_set
OPLOCK oplock
LIST_ENTRY dir_children_index
LIST_ENTRY dir_children_hash
LIST_ENTRY dir_children_hash_uc
LIST_ENTRY ** hash_ptrs
LIST_ENTRY ** hash_ptrs_uc
bool dirty
bool sd_dirty
bool sd_deleted
bool atts_changed
bool atts_deleted
bool extents_changed
bool reparse_xattr_changed
bool ea_changed
bool prop_compression_changed
bool xattrs_changed
bool created
bool ads
uint32_t adshash
ULONG adsmaxlen
ANSI_STRING adsxattr
LIST_ENTRY list_entry
LIST_ENTRY list_entry_all
LIST_ENTRY list_entry_dirty

Detailed Description

Definition at line 282 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ads

◆ adsdata

◆ adshash

◆ adsmaxlen

◆ adsxattr

◆ atts

◆ atts_changed

◆ atts_deleted

◆ case_sensitive

◆ case_sensitive_set

bool _fcb::case_sensitive_set

Definition at line 311 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by flush_fcb(), open_fcb(), and rename_stream_to_file().

◆ created

◆ csum_loaded

bool _fcb::csum_loaded

Definition at line 299 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by fcb_load_csums().

◆ deleted

◆ dir_children_hash

◆ dir_children_hash_uc

◆ dir_children_index

◆ dirty

bool _fcb::dirty

Definition at line 320 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by flush_fcb(), and mark_fcb_dirty().

◆ ea_changed

◆ ea_xattr

◆ ealen

◆ extents

◆ extents_changed

◆ fileref

◆ hardlinks

◆ hash

◆ hash_ptrs

◆ hash_ptrs_uc

◆ Header

◆ inode

◆ inode_item

INODE_ITEM _fcb::inode_item

Definition at line 292 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by __attribute__(), _Dispatch_type_(), _Function_class_(), check_for_orphans_root(), create_directory_fcb(), create_stream(), create_subvol(), delete_reparse_point(), do_create_snapshot(), do_read(), duplicate_extents(), duplicate_fcb(), fcb_alloc_size(), fcb_get_new_sd(), fcb_get_sd(), fcb_load_csums(), file_create(), file_create2(), file_create_parse_ea(), fill_in_file_compression_information(), fill_in_file_network_open_information(), fill_in_file_standard_information(), fill_in_file_standard_link_information(), fill_in_file_stat_information(), fill_in_file_stat_lx_information(), fill_in_file_stream_information(), find_gid(), flush_fcb(), fsctl_set_xattr(), get_csum_info(), get_inode_info(), get_reparse_block(), get_reparse_point(), get_retrieval_pointers(), get_top_level_sd(), inherit_mode(), insert_extent_chunk(), load_dir_children(), mknod(), mount_vol(), move_across_subvols(), open_fcb(), open_file2(), open_file3(), open_fileref_by_inode(), query_dir_item(), query_info(), query_ranges(), rationalize_extents(), remove_free_space_inode(), rename_file_to_stream(), rename_stream_to_file(), search_for_gid(), set_basic_information(), set_disposition_information(), set_end_of_file_information(), set_file_security(), set_inode_info(), set_link_information(), set_rename_information(), set_reparse_point2(), set_symlink(), set_valid_data_length_information(), set_zero_data(), write_compressed(), write_fcb_compressed(), and zero_data().

◆ inode_item_changed

◆ lazy_writer_thread

PKTHREAD _fcb::lazy_writer_thread

Definition at line 296 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by acquire_for_lazy_write(), and release_from_lazy_write().

◆ list_entry

◆ list_entry_all

◆ list_entry_dirty

LIST_ENTRY _fcb::list_entry_dirty

Definition at line 338 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by flush_fcb(), and mark_fcb_dirty().

◆ lock

◆ marked_as_orphan

bool _fcb::marked_as_orphan

Definition at line 309 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by flush_fcb(), and rename_stream_to_file().

◆ nonpaged

◆ oplock

OPLOCK _fcb::oplock

Definition at line 312 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by fcb_oplock().

◆ pool_type

POOL_TYPE _fcb::pool_type

Definition at line 286 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by create_fcb(), create_stream(), and reap_fcb().

◆ prop_compression

◆ prop_compression_changed

bool _fcb::prop_compression_changed

◆ refcount

◆ reparse_xattr

◆ reparse_xattr_changed

bool _fcb::reparse_xattr_changed

◆ sd

◆ sd_deleted

◆ sd_dirty

◆ share_access

SHARE_ACCESS _fcb::share_access

Definition at line 298 of file btrfs_drv.h.

Referenced by _Dispatch_type_(), file_create(), and open_file2().

◆ subvol

◆ type

◆ Vcb

◆ xattrs

◆ xattrs_changed

bool _fcb::xattrs_changed

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