ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8408-g466a198
otvgpos.h File Reference
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FT_BEGIN_HEADER otv_GPOS_subtable_validate (FT_Bytes table, OTV_Validator valid)

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FT_BEGIN_HEADER otv_GPOS_subtable_validate ( FT_Bytes  table,
OTV_Validator  valid 

Definition at line 961 of file otvgpos.c.

963 {
964 otvalid->type_count = 9;
965 otvalid->type_funcs = (OTV_Validate_Func*)otv_gpos_validate_funcs;
967 otv_Lookup_validate( table, otvalid );
968 }
otv_Lookup_validate(FT_Bytes table, OTV_Validator otvalid)
Definition: otvcommn.c:353
void(* OTV_Validate_Func)(FT_Bytes table, OTV_Validator otvalid)
Definition: otvcommn.h:41
static const OTV_Validate_Func otv_gpos_validate_funcs[9]
Definition: otvgpos.c:943