ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8241-g63935f8
tagACLMulti Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

ITfThreadMgrEx ITfThreadMgrEx_iface
ITfSource ITfSource_iface
ITfKeystrokeMgr ITfKeystrokeMgr_iface
ITfMessagePump ITfMessagePump_iface
ITfClientId ITfClientId_iface
ITfUIElementMgr ITfUIElementMgr_iface
ITfSourceSingle ITfSourceSingle_iface
LONG refCount
ITfThreadMgrEventSink ITfThreadMgrEventSink_iface
LONG activationCount
CLSID foregroundTextService
struct list CurrentPreservedKeys
struct list CreatedDocumentMgrs
struct list AssociatedFocusWindows
HHOOK focusHook
struct list ActiveLanguageProfileNotifySink
struct list DisplayAttributeNotifySink
struct list KeyTraceEventSink
struct list PreservedKeyNotifySink
struct list ThreadFocusSink
struct list ThreadMgrEventSink
struct list UIElementSink
struct list InputProcessorProfileActivationSink

Detailed Description

Definition at line 62 of file threadmgr.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ activationCount

LONG tagACLMulti::activationCount

Definition at line 81 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ActiveLanguageProfileNotifySink

struct list tagACLMulti::ActiveLanguageProfileNotifySink

Definition at line 93 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ AssociatedFocusWindows

struct list tagACLMulti::AssociatedFocusWindows

Definition at line 89 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ CompartmentMgr

ITfCompartmentMgr* tagACLMulti::CompartmentMgr

Definition at line 76 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ CreatedDocumentMgrs

struct list tagACLMulti::CreatedDocumentMgrs

Definition at line 87 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ CurrentPreservedKeys

struct list tagACLMulti::CurrentPreservedKeys

Definition at line 86 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ DisplayAttributeNotifySink

struct list tagACLMulti::DisplayAttributeNotifySink

Definition at line 94 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ focus

ITfDocumentMgr* tagACLMulti::focus

Definition at line 80 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ focusHook

HHOOK tagACLMulti::focusHook

Definition at line 90 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ foregroundKeyEventSink

ITfKeyEventSink* tagACLMulti::foregroundKeyEventSink

Definition at line 83 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ foregroundTextService

CLSID tagACLMulti::foregroundTextService

Definition at line 84 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ InputProcessorProfileActivationSink

struct list tagACLMulti::InputProcessorProfileActivationSink

Definition at line 100 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfClientId_iface

ITfClientId tagACLMulti::ITfClientId_iface

Definition at line 67 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfKeystrokeMgr_iface

ITfKeystrokeMgr tagACLMulti::ITfKeystrokeMgr_iface

Definition at line 65 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfMessagePump_iface

ITfMessagePump tagACLMulti::ITfMessagePump_iface

Definition at line 66 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfSource_iface

ITfSource tagACLMulti::ITfSource_iface

Definition at line 64 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfSourceSingle_iface

ITfSourceSingle tagACLMulti::ITfSourceSingle_iface

Definition at line 72 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfThreadMgrEventSink_iface

ITfThreadMgrEventSink tagACLMulti::ITfThreadMgrEventSink_iface

Definition at line 78 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfThreadMgrEx_iface

ITfThreadMgrEx tagACLMulti::ITfThreadMgrEx_iface

Definition at line 63 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ITfUIElementMgr_iface

ITfUIElementMgr tagACLMulti::ITfUIElementMgr_iface

Definition at line 71 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ KeyTraceEventSink

struct list tagACLMulti::KeyTraceEventSink

Definition at line 95 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ PreservedKeyNotifySink

struct list tagACLMulti::PreservedKeyNotifySink

Definition at line 96 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ refCount

LONG tagACLMulti::refCount

Definition at line 73 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ThreadFocusSink

struct list tagACLMulti::ThreadFocusSink

Definition at line 97 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ ThreadMgrEventSink

struct list tagACLMulti::ThreadMgrEventSink

Definition at line 98 of file threadmgr.c.

◆ UIElementSink

struct list tagACLMulti::UIElementSink

Definition at line 99 of file threadmgr.c.

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