ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8241-g63935f8
chmItsfHeader Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char signature [4]
Int32 version
Int32 header_len
Int32 unknown_000c
UInt32 last_modified
UInt32 lang_id
UChar dir_uuid [16]
UChar stream_uuid [16]
UInt64 unknown_offset
UInt64 unknown_len
UInt64 dir_offset
UInt64 dir_len
UInt64 data_offset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 238 of file chm_lib.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ data_offset

UInt64 chmItsfHeader::data_offset

Definition at line 252 of file chm_lib.c.

Referenced by chm_openW().

◆ dir_len

UInt64 chmItsfHeader::dir_len

Definition at line 251 of file chm_lib.c.

Referenced by chm_openW().

◆ dir_offset

UInt64 chmItsfHeader::dir_offset

Definition at line 250 of file chm_lib.c.

Referenced by chm_openW().

◆ dir_uuid

UChar chmItsfHeader::dir_uuid[16]

Definition at line 246 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ header_len

Int32 chmItsfHeader::header_len

Definition at line 242 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ lang_id

UInt32 chmItsfHeader::lang_id

Definition at line 245 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ last_modified

UInt32 chmItsfHeader::last_modified

Definition at line 244 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ signature

char chmItsfHeader::signature[4]

Definition at line 240 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ stream_uuid

UChar chmItsfHeader::stream_uuid[16]

Definition at line 247 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ unknown_000c

Int32 chmItsfHeader::unknown_000c

Definition at line 243 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ unknown_len

UInt64 chmItsfHeader::unknown_len

Definition at line 249 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ unknown_offset

UInt64 chmItsfHeader::unknown_offset

Definition at line 248 of file chm_lib.c.

◆ version

Int32 chmItsfHeader::version

Definition at line 241 of file chm_lib.c.

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