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ICorDebugProcess Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetID ([out] DWORD *pdwProcessId)
HRESULT GetHandle ([out] HPROCESS *phProcessHandle)
HRESULT GetThread ([in] DWORD dwThreadId, [out] ICorDebugThread **ppThread)
HRESULT EnumerateObjects ([out] ICorDebugObjectEnum **ppObjects)
HRESULT IsTransitionStub ([in] CORDB_ADDRESS address, [out] BOOL *pbTransitionStub)
HRESULT IsOSSuspended ([in] DWORD threadID, [out] BOOL *pbSuspended)
HRESULT GetThreadContext ([in] DWORD threadID, [in] ULONG32 contextSize, [in, out] BYTE context[])
HRESULT SetThreadContext ([in] DWORD threadID, [in] ULONG32 contextSize, [in] BYTE context[])
HRESULT ReadMemory ([in] CORDB_ADDRESS address, [in] DWORD size, [out] BYTE buffer[], [out] SIZE_T *read)
HRESULT WriteMemory ([in] CORDB_ADDRESS address, [in] DWORD size, [in] BYTE buffer[], [out] SIZE_T *written)
HRESULT ClearCurrentException ([in] DWORD threadID)
HRESULT EnableLogMessages ([in]BOOL fOnOff)
HRESULT ModifyLogSwitch ([in] WCHAR *pLogSwitchName, [in]LONG lLevel)
HRESULT EnumerateAppDomains ([out] ICorDebugAppDomainEnum **ppAppDomains)
HRESULT GetObject ([out] ICorDebugValue **ppObject)
HRESULT ThreadForFiberCookie ([in] DWORD fiberCookie, [out] ICorDebugThread **ppThread)
HRESULT GetHelperThreadID ([out] DWORD *pThreadID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ICorDebugController
HRESULT Stop ([in] DWORD dwTimeoutIgnored)
HRESULT Continue ([in] BOOL fIsOutOfBand)
HRESULT IsRunning ([out] BOOL *pbRunning)
HRESULT HasQueuedCallbacks ([in] ICorDebugThread *pThread, [out] BOOL *pbQueued)
HRESULT EnumerateThreads ([out] ICorDebugThreadEnum **ppThreads)
HRESULT SetAllThreadsDebugState ([in] CorDebugThreadState state, [in] ICorDebugThread *pExceptThisThread)
HRESULT Detach ()
HRESULT Terminate ([in] UINT exitCode)
HRESULT CanCommitChanges ([in] ULONG cSnapshots, [in] ICorDebugEditAndContinueSnapshot *pSnapshots[], [out] ICorDebugErrorInfoEnum **pError)
HRESULT CommitChanges ([in] ULONG cSnapshots, [in] ICorDebugEditAndContinueSnapshot *pSnapshots[], [out] ICorDebugErrorInfoEnum **pError)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 227 of file cordebug.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearCurrentException()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::ClearCurrentException ( [in] DWORD  threadID)

◆ EnableLogMessages()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::EnableLogMessages ( [in] BOOL  fOnOff)

◆ EnumerateAppDomains()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::EnumerateAppDomains ( [out] ICorDebugAppDomainEnum **  ppAppDomains)

◆ EnumerateObjects()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::EnumerateObjects ( [out] ICorDebugObjectEnum **  ppObjects)

◆ GetHandle()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::GetHandle ( [out] HPROCESS phProcessHandle)

◆ GetHelperThreadID()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::GetHelperThreadID ( [out] DWORD pThreadID)

◆ GetID()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::GetID ( [out] DWORD pdwProcessId)

◆ GetObject()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::GetObject ( [out] ICorDebugValue **  ppObject)

◆ GetThread()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::GetThread ( [in] DWORD  dwThreadId,
[out] ICorDebugThread **  ppThread 

◆ GetThreadContext()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::GetThreadContext ( [in] DWORD  threadID,
[in] ULONG32  contextSize,
[in, out] BYTE  context[] 

◆ IsOSSuspended()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::IsOSSuspended ( [in] DWORD  threadID,
[out] BOOL pbSuspended 

◆ IsTransitionStub()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::IsTransitionStub ( [in] CORDB_ADDRESS  address,
[out] BOOL pbTransitionStub 

◆ ModifyLogSwitch()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::ModifyLogSwitch ( [in] WCHAR pLogSwitchName,
[in] LONG  lLevel 

◆ ReadMemory()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::ReadMemory ( [in] CORDB_ADDRESS  address,
[in] DWORD  size,
[out] BYTE  buffer[],
[out] SIZE_T read 

◆ SetThreadContext()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::SetThreadContext ( [in] DWORD  threadID,
[in] ULONG32  contextSize,
[in] BYTE  context[] 

◆ ThreadForFiberCookie()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::ThreadForFiberCookie ( [in] DWORD  fiberCookie,
[out] ICorDebugThread **  ppThread 

◆ WriteMemory()

HRESULT ICorDebugProcess::WriteMemory ( [in] CORDB_ADDRESS  address,
[in] DWORD  size,
[in] BYTE  buffer[],
[out] SIZE_T written 

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