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IDebugApplication32 Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetName ([in] LPCOLESTR pstrName)
HRESULT StepOutComplete ()
HRESULT DebugOutput ([in] LPCOLESTR pstr)
HRESULT StartDebugSession ()
HRESULT HandleBreakPoint ([in] BREAKREASON br, [out] BREAKRESUMEACTION *pbra)
HRESULT Close ()
HRESULT GetBreakFlags ([out] APPBREAKFLAGS *pabf, [out] IRemoteDebugApplicationThread **pprdatSteppingThread)
HRESULT GetCurrentThread ([out] IDebugApplicationThread **pat)
HRESULT CreateAsyncDebugOperation ([in] IDebugSyncOperation *psdo, [out] IDebugAsyncOperation **ppado)
HRESULT AddStackFrameSniffer ([in] IDebugStackFrameSniffer *pdsfs, [out] DWORD *pdwCookie)
HRESULT RemoveStackFrameSniffer ([in] DWORD dwCookie)
HRESULT QueryCurrentThreadIsDebuggerThread ()
HRESULT SynchronousCallInDebuggerThread ([in] IDebugThreadCall32 *pptc, [in] DWORD dwParam1, [in] DWORD dwParam2, [in] DWORD dwParam3)
HRESULT CreateApplicationNode ([out] IDebugApplicationNode **ppdanNew)
HRESULT FireDebuggerEvent ([in] REFGUID riid, [in] IUnknown *punk)
HRESULT HandleRuntimeError ([in] IActiveScriptErrorDebug *pErrorDebug, [in] IActiveScriptSite *pScriptSite, [out] BREAKRESUMEACTION *pbra, [out] ERRORRESUMEACTION *perra, [out] BOOL *pfCallOnScriptError)
BOOL FCanJitDebug ()
BOOL FIsAutoJitDebugEnabled ()
HRESULT AddGlobalExpressionContextProvider ([in] IProvideExpressionContexts *pdsfs, [out] DWORD *pdwCookie)
HRESULT RemoveGlobalExpressionContextProvider ([in] DWORD dwCookie)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IRemoteDebugApplication
HRESULT ResumeFromBreakPoint ([in] IRemoteDebugApplicationThread *prptFocus, [in] BREAKRESUMEACTION bra, [in] ERRORRESUMEACTION era)
HRESULT CauseBreak ()
HRESULT ConnectDebugger ([in] IApplicationDebugger *pad)
HRESULT DisconnectDebugger ()
HRESULT GetDebugger ([out] IApplicationDebugger **pad)
HRESULT CreateInstanceAtApplication ([in] REFCLSID rclsid, [in] IUnknown *pUnkOuter, [in] DWORD dwClsContext, [in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] IUnknown **ppvObject)
HRESULT QueryAlive ()
HRESULT EnumThreads ([out] IEnumRemoteDebugApplicationThreads **pperdat)
HRESULT GetName ([out] BSTR *pbstrName)
HRESULT GetRootNode ([out] IDebugApplicationNode **ppdanRoot)
HRESULT EnumGlobalExpressionContexts ([out] IEnumDebugExpressionContexts **ppedec)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 349 of file activdbg.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddGlobalExpressionContextProvider()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::AddGlobalExpressionContextProvider ( [in] IProvideExpressionContexts pdsfs,
[out] DWORD pdwCookie 

◆ AddStackFrameSniffer()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::AddStackFrameSniffer ( [in] IDebugStackFrameSniffer pdsfs,
[out] DWORD pdwCookie 

◆ Close()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::Close ( )

◆ CreateApplicationNode()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::CreateApplicationNode ( [out] IDebugApplicationNode **  ppdanNew)

◆ CreateAsyncDebugOperation()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::CreateAsyncDebugOperation ( [in] IDebugSyncOperation psdo,
[out] IDebugAsyncOperation **  ppado 

◆ DebugOutput()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::DebugOutput ( [in] LPCOLESTR  pstr)

◆ FCanJitDebug()

BOOL IDebugApplication32::FCanJitDebug ( )

◆ FireDebuggerEvent()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::FireDebuggerEvent ( [in] REFGUID  riid,
[in] IUnknown punk 

◆ FIsAutoJitDebugEnabled()

BOOL IDebugApplication32::FIsAutoJitDebugEnabled ( )

◆ GetBreakFlags()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::GetBreakFlags ( [out] APPBREAKFLAGS pabf,
[out] IRemoteDebugApplicationThread **  pprdatSteppingThread 

◆ GetCurrentThread()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::GetCurrentThread ( [out] IDebugApplicationThread **  pat)

◆ HandleBreakPoint()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::HandleBreakPoint ( [in] BREAKREASON  br,

◆ HandleRuntimeError()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::HandleRuntimeError ( [in] IActiveScriptErrorDebug pErrorDebug,
[in] IActiveScriptSite pScriptSite,
[out] BOOL pfCallOnScriptError 

◆ QueryCurrentThreadIsDebuggerThread()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::QueryCurrentThreadIsDebuggerThread ( )

◆ RemoveGlobalExpressionContextProvider()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::RemoveGlobalExpressionContextProvider ( [in] DWORD  dwCookie)

◆ RemoveStackFrameSniffer()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::RemoveStackFrameSniffer ( [in] DWORD  dwCookie)

◆ SetName()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::SetName ( [in] LPCOLESTR  pstrName)

◆ StartDebugSession()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::StartDebugSession ( )

◆ StepOutComplete()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::StepOutComplete ( )

◆ SynchronousCallInDebuggerThread()

HRESULT IDebugApplication32::SynchronousCallInDebuggerThread ( [in] IDebugThreadCall32 pptc,
[in] DWORD  dwParam1,
[in] DWORD  dwParam2,
[in] DWORD  dwParam3 

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