ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7093-g01a8288
test.h File Reference

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typedef VOID NTAPI PExFreePool(PVOID Block)
typedef PMDL NTAPI PMmCreateMdl(PMDL Mdl, PVOID Base, ULONG Length)
typedef VOID NTAPI PMmProbeAndLockPages(PMDL Mdl, KPROCESSOR_MODE AccessMode, LOCK_OPERATION Operation)
typedef LONG_PTR FASTCALL PObDereferenceObject(PVOID Object)
typedef NTSTATUS NTAPI PObReferenceObjectByHandle(HANDLE Handle, ACCESS_MASK DesiredAccess, POBJECT_TYPE ObjectType, KPROCESSOR_MODE AccessMode, PVOID *Object, POBJECT_HANDLE_INFORMATION HandleInformation)

Typedef Documentation

◆ PExFreePool

typedef VOID NTAPI PExFreePool(PVOID Block)

Definition at line 5 of file test.h.

◆ PMmCreateMdl

typedef PMDL NTAPI PMmCreateMdl(PMDL Mdl, PVOID Base, ULONG Length)

Definition at line 9 of file test.h.

◆ PMmProbeAndLockPages

Definition at line 17 of file test.h.

◆ PObDereferenceObject

typedef LONG_PTR FASTCALL PObDereferenceObject(PVOID Object)

Definition at line 25 of file test.h.

◆ PObReferenceObjectByHandle