ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8145-ga541a46
sigblk.h File Reference
#include <schily/mconfig.h>
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struct  sigblk


typedef struct sigblk SIGBLK
typedef int handlefunc_t __PR((const char *, long, long))


void handlecond __PR ((const char *, SIGBLK *, int(*)(const char *, long, long), long))
void raisecond __PR ((const char *, long))
void starthandlecond __PR ((SIGBLK *))

Typedef Documentation

◆ __PR

typedef int handlefunc_t __PR((const char *, long, long))

Definition at line 49 of file sigblk.h.


typedef struct sigblk SIGBLK

Function Documentation

◆ __PR() [1/3]

void raisecond __PR ( (const char *, long )

◆ __PR() [2/3]

void handlecond __PR ( (const char *, SIGBLK *, int(*)(const char *, long, long), long )

◆ __PR() [3/3]

void starthandlecond __PR ( (SIGBLK *)  )