ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7674-gc0b4db1
SynthPortImpl Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for SynthPortImpl:

Public Attributes

IDirectMusicPort IDirectMusicPort_iface
IDirectMusicPortDownload IDirectMusicPortDownload_iface
IDirectMusicThru IDirectMusicThru_iface
IKsControl IKsControl_iface
LONG ref
IDirectSound * dsound
IDirectSoundBuffer * dsbuffer
IDirectMusicSynth * synth
IDirectMusicSynthSink * synth_sink
BOOL active
int nrofgroups

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file port.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ active

BOOL SynthPortImpl::active

Definition at line 40 of file port.c.

◆ caps

DMUS_PORTCAPS SynthPortImpl::caps

Definition at line 41 of file port.c.

◆ dsbuffer

IDirectSoundBuffer* SynthPortImpl::dsbuffer

Definition at line 36 of file port.c.

◆ dsound

IDirectSound* SynthPortImpl::dsound

Definition at line 35 of file port.c.

◆ group


Definition at line 44 of file port.c.

◆ IDirectMusicPort_iface

IDirectMusicPort SynthPortImpl::IDirectMusicPort_iface

Definition at line 29 of file port.c.

◆ IDirectMusicPortDownload_iface

IDirectMusicPortDownload SynthPortImpl::IDirectMusicPortDownload_iface

Definition at line 30 of file port.c.

◆ IDirectMusicThru_iface

IDirectMusicThru SynthPortImpl::IDirectMusicThru_iface

Definition at line 31 of file port.c.

◆ IKsControl_iface

IKsControl SynthPortImpl::IKsControl_iface

Definition at line 32 of file port.c.

◆ nrofgroups

int SynthPortImpl::nrofgroups

Definition at line 43 of file port.c.

◆ params

DMUS_PORTPARAMS SynthPortImpl::params

Definition at line 42 of file port.c.

◆ parent

IDirectMusic8Impl* SynthPortImpl::parent

Definition at line 34 of file port.c.

◆ pLatencyClock

IReferenceClock* SynthPortImpl::pLatencyClock

Definition at line 37 of file port.c.

◆ ref

LONG SynthPortImpl::ref

Definition at line 33 of file port.c.

◆ synth

IDirectMusicSynth* SynthPortImpl::synth

Definition at line 38 of file port.c.

◆ synth_sink

IDirectMusicSynthSink* SynthPortImpl::synth_sink

Definition at line 39 of file port.c.

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