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_xmlSAXHandlerV1 Struct Reference

#include <parser.h>

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Public Attributes

internalSubsetSAXFunc internalSubset
isStandaloneSAXFunc isStandalone
hasInternalSubsetSAXFunc hasInternalSubset
hasExternalSubsetSAXFunc hasExternalSubset
resolveEntitySAXFunc resolveEntity
getEntitySAXFunc getEntity
entityDeclSAXFunc entityDecl
notationDeclSAXFunc notationDecl
attributeDeclSAXFunc attributeDecl
elementDeclSAXFunc elementDecl
unparsedEntityDeclSAXFunc unparsedEntityDecl
setDocumentLocatorSAXFunc setDocumentLocator
startDocumentSAXFunc startDocument
endDocumentSAXFunc endDocument
startElementSAXFunc startElement
endElementSAXFunc endElement
referenceSAXFunc reference
charactersSAXFunc characters
ignorableWhitespaceSAXFunc ignorableWhitespace
processingInstructionSAXFunc processingInstruction
commentSAXFunc comment
warningSAXFunc warning
errorSAXFunc error
fatalErrorSAXFunc fatalError
getParameterEntitySAXFunc getParameterEntity
cdataBlockSAXFunc cdataBlock
externalSubsetSAXFunc externalSubset
unsigned int initialized

Detailed Description

Definition at line 760 of file parser.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attributeDecl

attributeDeclSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::attributeDecl

Definition at line 769 of file parser.h.

◆ cdataBlock

cdataBlockSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::cdataBlock

Definition at line 786 of file parser.h.

◆ characters

charactersSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::characters

Definition at line 778 of file parser.h.

◆ comment

commentSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::comment

Definition at line 781 of file parser.h.

◆ elementDecl

elementDeclSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::elementDecl

Definition at line 770 of file parser.h.

◆ endDocument

endDocumentSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::endDocument

Definition at line 774 of file parser.h.

◆ endElement

endElementSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::endElement

Definition at line 776 of file parser.h.

◆ entityDecl

entityDeclSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::entityDecl

Definition at line 767 of file parser.h.

◆ error

errorSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::error

Definition at line 783 of file parser.h.

◆ externalSubset

externalSubsetSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::externalSubset

Definition at line 787 of file parser.h.

◆ fatalError

fatalErrorSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::fatalError

Definition at line 784 of file parser.h.

◆ getEntity

getEntitySAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::getEntity

Definition at line 766 of file parser.h.

◆ getParameterEntity

getParameterEntitySAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::getParameterEntity

Definition at line 785 of file parser.h.

◆ hasExternalSubset

hasExternalSubsetSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::hasExternalSubset

Definition at line 764 of file parser.h.

◆ hasInternalSubset

hasInternalSubsetSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::hasInternalSubset

Definition at line 763 of file parser.h.

◆ ignorableWhitespace

ignorableWhitespaceSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::ignorableWhitespace

Definition at line 779 of file parser.h.

◆ initialized

unsigned int _xmlSAXHandlerV1::initialized

Definition at line 788 of file parser.h.

◆ internalSubset

internalSubsetSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::internalSubset

Definition at line 761 of file parser.h.

◆ isStandalone

isStandaloneSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::isStandalone

Definition at line 762 of file parser.h.

◆ notationDecl

notationDeclSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::notationDecl

Definition at line 768 of file parser.h.

◆ processingInstruction

processingInstructionSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::processingInstruction

Definition at line 780 of file parser.h.

◆ reference

referenceSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::reference

Definition at line 777 of file parser.h.

◆ resolveEntity

resolveEntitySAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::resolveEntity

Definition at line 765 of file parser.h.

◆ setDocumentLocator

setDocumentLocatorSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::setDocumentLocator

Definition at line 772 of file parser.h.

◆ startDocument

startDocumentSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::startDocument

Definition at line 773 of file parser.h.

◆ startElement

startElementSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::startElement

Definition at line 775 of file parser.h.

◆ unparsedEntityDecl

unparsedEntityDeclSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::unparsedEntityDecl

Definition at line 771 of file parser.h.

◆ warning

warningSAXFunc _xmlSAXHandlerV1::warning

Definition at line 782 of file parser.h.

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