ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7889-g76290a6
sockaddr_in6 Struct Reference

#include <ws2ipdef.h>

Collaboration diagram for sockaddr_in6:

Public Attributes

ADDRESS_FAMILY sin6_family
USHORT sin6_port
ULONG sin6_flowinfo
IN6_ADDR sin6_addr
union {
   ULONG   sin6_scope_id
   SCOPE_ID   sin6_scope_struct

Detailed Description

Definition at line 178 of file ws2ipdef.h.

Member Data Documentation


union { ... } sockaddr_in6::@3371

◆ sin6_addr

IN6_ADDR sockaddr_in6::sin6_addr

◆ sin6_family

ADDRESS_FAMILY sockaddr_in6::sin6_family

Definition at line 179 of file ws2ipdef.h.

Referenced by __rpc_uaddr2taddr_af(), Ping(), and PrintHopInfo().

◆ sin6_flowinfo

ULONG sockaddr_in6::sin6_flowinfo

Definition at line 181 of file ws2ipdef.h.

◆ sin6_port

USHORT sockaddr_in6::sin6_port

Definition at line 180 of file ws2ipdef.h.

Referenced by __rpc_taddr2uaddr_af(), __rpc_uaddr2taddr_af(), and bindresvport_sa().

◆ sin6_scope_id

ULONG sockaddr_in6::sin6_scope_id

Definition at line 184 of file ws2ipdef.h.

Referenced by __rpc_fixup_addr().

◆ sin6_scope_struct

SCOPE_ID sockaddr_in6::sin6_scope_struct

Definition at line 185 of file ws2ipdef.h.

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