ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8145-ga541a46
in6addr.h File Reference
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struct  in6_addr


#define in_addr6   in6_addr
#define _S6_un   u
#define _S6_u8   Byte
#define s6_addr   _S6_un._S6_u8
#define s6_bytes   u.Byte
#define s6_words   u.Word


typedef struct in6_addr IN6_ADDR
typedef struct in6_addrPIN6_ADDR
typedef struct in6_addrLPIN6_ADDR

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _S6_u8

#define _S6_u8   Byte

Definition at line 12 of file in6addr.h.

◆ _S6_un

#define _S6_un   u

Definition at line 11 of file in6addr.h.

◆ in_addr6

#define in_addr6   in6_addr

Definition at line 10 of file in6addr.h.

◆ s6_addr

#define s6_addr   _S6_un._S6_u8

Definition at line 13 of file in6addr.h.

◆ s6_bytes

#define s6_bytes   u.Byte

Definition at line 14 of file in6addr.h.

◆ s6_words

#define s6_words   u.Word

Definition at line 15 of file in6addr.h.

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