ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-6675-gcbc63d8
IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx:

Public Attributes

DWORD cbSize
HWND hwnd
LPCSTR lpParameters
LPCSTR lpDirectory
INT nShow
DWORD dwHotKey
LPCSTR lpTitle
LPCWSTR lpParametersW
LPCWSTR lpDirectoryW
POINT ptInvoke

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1672 of file shobjidl.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cbSize

DWORD IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::cbSize

Definition at line 1674 of file shobjidl.idl.

Referenced by CDefaultContextMenu::InvokeCommand().

◆ dwHotKey

DWORD IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::dwHotKey

Definition at line 1681 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ fMask

DWORD IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::fMask

◆ hIcon

HANDLE IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::hIcon

Definition at line 1682 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ hwnd

HWND IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::hwnd

◆ lpDirectory

LPCSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpDirectory

Definition at line 1679 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ lpDirectoryW

LPCWSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpDirectoryW

Definition at line 1686 of file shobjidl.idl.

Referenced by BtrfsContextMenu::InvokeCommand().

◆ lpParameters

LPCSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpParameters

Definition at line 1678 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ lpParametersW

LPCWSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpParametersW

Definition at line 1685 of file shobjidl.idl.

Referenced by CShellLink::DoOpen().

◆ lpTitle

LPCSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpTitle

Definition at line 1683 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ lpTitleW

LPCWSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpTitleW

Definition at line 1687 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ lpVerb

◆ lpVerbW

LPCWSTR IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::lpVerbW

Definition at line 1684 of file shobjidl.idl.

Referenced by CVfdShExt::InvokeCommand().

◆ nShow

INT IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::nShow

Definition at line 1680 of file shobjidl.idl.

◆ ptInvoke

POINT IContextMenu::tagCMInvokeCommandInfoEx::ptInvoke

Definition at line 1688 of file shobjidl.idl.

Referenced by CDefaultContextMenu::InvokeCommand().

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