ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1197-g8081ba9
_NetBIOSAdapter Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

BOOL enabled
BOOL shuttingDown
LONG resetting
ULONG transport_id
NetBIOSAdapterImpl impl
struct NBCmdQueuecmdQueue
DWORD sessionsLen

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file netbios.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cmdQueue

struct NBCmdQueue* _NetBIOSAdapter::cmdQueue

Definition at line 63 of file netbios.c.

Referenced by nbCancel(), nbDispatch(), nbReset(), nbShutdownAdapter(), and NetBIOSRegisterAdapter().

◆ cs


◆ enabled

BOOL _NetBIOSAdapter::enabled

Definition at line 57 of file netbios.c.

Referenced by nbInternalEnum(), NetBIOSEnableAdapter(), and NetBIOSRegisterAdapter().

◆ impl

◆ resetting

LONG _NetBIOSAdapter::resetting

Definition at line 59 of file netbios.c.

Referenced by nbReset(), and Netbios().

◆ sessions

NetBIOSSession* _NetBIOSAdapter::sessions

◆ sessionsLen

DWORD _NetBIOSAdapter::sessionsLen

◆ shuttingDown

BOOL _NetBIOSAdapter::shuttingDown

Definition at line 58 of file netbios.c.

Referenced by nbShutdownAdapter(), and Netbios().

◆ transport

◆ transport_id

ULONG _NetBIOSAdapter::transport_id

Definition at line 60 of file netbios.c.

Referenced by nbGetAdapter(), NetBIOSEnumAdapters(), and NetBIOSRegisterAdapter().

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