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stat.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
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struct  summ_struct


typedef struct summ_struct SUMM
typedef struct summ_structPSUMM


void stat_print (FILE *outFile, PSUMM psumm)
void stat_clear (PSUMM psumm)

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◆ stat_clear()

void stat_clear ( PSUMM  psumm)

Definition at line 41 of file stat.c.

42 {
43  memset(psumm, 0, sizeof(SUMM));
44 }
#define memset(x, y, z)
Definition: compat.h:39

Referenced by main().

◆ stat_print()

void stat_print ( FILE outFile,
PSUMM  psumm 

Definition at line 17 of file stat.c.

18 {
19  if (outFile)
20  {
21  clilog(outFile, "*** LOG2LINES SUMMARY ***\n");
22  clilog(outFile, "Translated: %d\n", psumm->translated);
23  clilog(outFile, "Reverted: %d\n", psumm->undo);
24  clilog(outFile, "Retranslated: %d\n", psumm->redo);
25  clilog(outFile, "Skipped: %d\n", psumm->skipped);
26  clilog(outFile, "Differ: %d\n", psumm->diff);
27  clilog(outFile, "Differ (function/source): %d\n", psumm->majordiff);
28  clilog(outFile, "Revision conflicts: %d\n", psumm->revconflicts);
29  clilog(outFile, "Regression candidates: %d\n", psumm->regfound);
30  clilog(outFile, "Offset error: %d\n", psumm->offset_errors);
31  clilog(outFile, "Total: %d\n", psumm->total);
32  clilog(outFile, "-------------------------------\n");
33  clilog(outFile, "Log2lines version: " LOG2LINES_VERSION "\n");
34  clilog(outFile, "Directory: %s\n", opt_dir);
35  clilog(outFile, "Passed options: %s\n", opt_scanned);
36  clilog(outFile, "-------------------------------\n");
37  }
38 }
int offset_errors
Definition: stat.h:22
int diff
Definition: stat.h:18
char opt_scanned[LINESIZE]
Definition: options.c:44
int skipped
Definition: stat.h:17
Definition: version.h:10
int revconflicts
Definition: stat.h:20
#define clilog(outFile, fmt,...)
Definition: util.h:27
int translated
Definition: stat.h:14
int undo
Definition: stat.h:15
int majordiff
Definition: stat.h:19
int redo
Definition: stat.h:16
int regfound
Definition: stat.h:21
char opt_dir[PATH_MAX]
Definition: options.c:40
int total
Definition: stat.h:23

Referenced by handle_escape_cmd(), and translate_files().