ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER:

Public Attributes

WORD cbTriggerSize
WORD Reserved1
WORD wBeginYear
WORD wBeginMonth
WORD wBeginDay
WORD wEndYear
WORD wEndMonth
WORD wEndDay
WORD wStartHour
WORD wStartMinute
DWORD MinutesDuration
DWORD MinutesInterval
DWORD rgFlags
WORD Reserved2
WORD wRandomMinutesInterval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 160 of file mstask.idl.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cbTriggerSize

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::cbTriggerSize

Definition at line 161 of file mstask.idl.

◆ MinutesDuration

DWORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::MinutesDuration

Definition at line 171 of file mstask.idl.

◆ MinutesInterval

DWORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::MinutesInterval

Definition at line 172 of file mstask.idl.

◆ Reserved1

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::Reserved1

Definition at line 162 of file mstask.idl.

◆ Reserved2

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::Reserved2

Definition at line 176 of file mstask.idl.

◆ rgFlags

DWORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::rgFlags

Definition at line 173 of file mstask.idl.

◆ TriggerType


Definition at line 174 of file mstask.idl.

◆ Type


Definition at line 175 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wBeginDay

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wBeginDay

Definition at line 165 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wBeginMonth

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wBeginMonth

Definition at line 164 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wBeginYear

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wBeginYear

Definition at line 163 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wEndDay

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wEndDay

Definition at line 168 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wEndMonth

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wEndMonth

Definition at line 167 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wEndYear

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wEndYear

Definition at line 166 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wRandomMinutesInterval

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wRandomMinutesInterval

Definition at line 177 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wStartHour

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wStartHour

Definition at line 169 of file mstask.idl.

◆ wStartMinute

WORD ITaskTrigger::_TASK_TRIGGER::wStartMinute

Definition at line 170 of file mstask.idl.

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