ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7674-gc0b4db1
secdlg_data_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for secdlg_data_s:

Public Attributes

HWND hsec
HWND hlv
HWND htb
DWORD zone_enumerator
DWORD num_zones
DWORD last_lv_index
DWORD last_level

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file security.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ himages

HIMAGELIST secdlg_data_s::himages

Definition at line 55 of file security.c.

◆ hlv

HWND secdlg_data_s::hlv

Definition at line 46 of file security.c.

◆ hsec

HWND secdlg_data_s::hsec

Definition at line 45 of file security.c.

◆ htb

HWND secdlg_data_s::htb

Definition at line 47 of file security.c.

◆ last_level

DWORD secdlg_data_s::last_level

Definition at line 57 of file security.c.

◆ last_lv_index

DWORD secdlg_data_s::last_lv_index

Definition at line 56 of file security.c.

◆ levels

DWORD* secdlg_data_s::levels

Definition at line 54 of file security.c.

◆ num_zones

DWORD secdlg_data_s::num_zones

Definition at line 51 of file security.c.

◆ sec_mgr

IInternetSecurityManager* secdlg_data_s::sec_mgr

Definition at line 48 of file security.c.

◆ zone_attr

ZONEATTRIBUTES* secdlg_data_s::zone_attr

Definition at line 52 of file security.c.

◆ zone_enumerator

DWORD secdlg_data_s::zone_enumerator

Definition at line 50 of file security.c.

◆ zone_mgr

IInternetZoneManager* secdlg_data_s::zone_mgr

Definition at line 49 of file security.c.

◆ zones

DWORD* secdlg_data_s::zones

Definition at line 53 of file security.c.

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