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1/* bookmark.h
2 *
3 * Copyright (c) 1992-2001 by Mike Gleason.
4 * All rights reserved.
5 *
6 */
8typedef struct Bookmark *BookmarkPtr;
9typedef struct Bookmark {
10 char bookmarkName[16];
11 char name[64];
12 char user[64];
13 char pass[64];
14 char acct[64];
15 char dir[160];
16 char ldir[160];
18 unsigned int port;
23 int isUnix;
24 char lastIP[32];
25 char comment[128];
32#define kBookmarkVersion 8
33#define kBookmarkMinVersion 3
34#if defined(WIN32) || defined(_WINDOWS)
35# define kBookmarkFileName "bookmarks.txt"
37# define kBookmarkFileName "bookmarks"
39#define kTmpBookmarkFileName "bookmarks-tmp"
40#define kOldBookmarkFileName "hosts"
41#define kBookmarkBupFileName "bookmarks.old"
43#define BMTINDEX(p) ((int) ((char *) p - (char *) gBookmarkTable) / (int) sizeof(Bookmark))
45/* bookmark.c */
46void BookmarkToURL(BookmarkPtr, char *, size_t);
48int ParseHostLine(char *, BookmarkPtr);
52int SaveBookmarkTable(void);
54int GetBookmark(const char *const, Bookmark *);
55int PutBookmark(Bookmark *, int);
56int LoadBookmarkTable(void);
58void SortBookmarks(void);
59void DefaultBookmarkName(char *, size_t, char *);
void SetBookmarkDefaults(BookmarkPtr)
Definition: bookmark.c:74
void CloseBookmarkFile(FILE *)
Definition: bookmark.c:246
int SaveBookmarkTable(void)
Definition: bookmark.c:710
FILE * OpenTmpBookmarkFile(int)
Definition: bookmark.c:666
BookmarkPtr SearchBookmarkTable(const char *)
Definition: bookmark.c:498
int ParseHostLine(char *, BookmarkPtr)
Definition: bookmark.c:135
int LoadBookmarkTable(void)
Definition: bookmark.c:524
void DefaultBookmarkName(char *, size_t, char *)
Definition: bookmark.c:817
int GetBookmark(const char *const, Bookmark *)
Definition: bookmark.c:387
void BookmarkToURL(BookmarkPtr, char *, size_t)
Definition: bookmark.c:36
int GetNextBookmark(FILE *, Bookmark *)
Definition: bookmark.c:257
FILE * OpenBookmarkFile(int *)
Definition: bookmark.c:275
int PutBookmark(Bookmark *, int)
Definition: bookmark.c:748
struct Bookmark * BookmarkPtr
Definition: bookmark.h:8
void SortBookmarks(void)
Definition: bookmark.c:507
__kernel_time_t time_t
Definition: linux.h:252
int deleted
Definition: bookmark.h:29
int xferMode
Definition: bookmark.h:26
char comment[128]
Definition: bookmark.h:25
int hasSIZE
Definition: bookmark.h:20
char dir[160]
Definition: bookmark.h:15
int xferType
Definition: bookmark.h:17
char bookmarkName[16]
Definition: bookmark.h:10
int hasPASV
Definition: bookmark.h:22
int hasUTIME
Definition: bookmark.h:27
char acct[64]
Definition: bookmark.h:14
char ldir[160]
Definition: bookmark.h:16
int hasMDTM
Definition: bookmark.h:21
time_t lastCall
Definition: bookmark.h:19
unsigned int port
Definition: bookmark.h:18
char user[64]
Definition: bookmark.h:12
char lastIP[32]
Definition: bookmark.h:24
int isUnix
Definition: bookmark.h:23
Definition: name.c:39
Definition: typegen.h:25