ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8339-g4028de8
channel_caps_tag Struct Reference

#include <vfw.h>

Public Attributes

DWORD dwFlags
DWORD dwSrcRectXMod
DWORD dwSrcRectYMod
DWORD dwSrcRectWidthMod
DWORD dwSrcRectHeightMod
DWORD dwDstRectXMod
DWORD dwDstRectYMod
DWORD dwDstRectWidthMod
DWORD dwDstRectHeightMod

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2183 of file vfw.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dwDstRectHeightMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwDstRectHeightMod

Definition at line 2192 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwDstRectWidthMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwDstRectWidthMod

Definition at line 2191 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwDstRectXMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwDstRectXMod

Definition at line 2189 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwDstRectYMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwDstRectYMod

Definition at line 2190 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwFlags

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwFlags

Definition at line 2184 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwSrcRectHeightMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwSrcRectHeightMod

Definition at line 2188 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwSrcRectWidthMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwSrcRectWidthMod

Definition at line 2187 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwSrcRectXMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwSrcRectXMod

Definition at line 2185 of file vfw.h.

◆ dwSrcRectYMod

DWORD channel_caps_tag::dwSrcRectYMod

Definition at line 2186 of file vfw.h.

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