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inflate_codes_state Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

inflate_codes_mode mode
uInt len
union {
   struct {
      inflate_huft *   tree
      uInt   need
   }   code
   uInt   lit
   struct {
      uInt   get
      uInt   dist
   }   copy
Byte lbits
Byte dbits

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file infcodes.c.

Member Data Documentation


struct { ... } inflate_codes_state::code


struct { ... } inflate_codes_state::copy

◆ dbits

Byte inflate_codes_state::dbits

Definition at line 51 of file infcodes.c.

◆ dist

uInt inflate_codes_state::dist

Definition at line 45 of file infcodes.c.

◆ dtree

inflate_huft* inflate_codes_state::dtree

Definition at line 53 of file infcodes.c.

◆ get

uInt inflate_codes_state::get

Definition at line 44 of file infcodes.c.

◆ lbits

Byte inflate_codes_state::lbits

Definition at line 50 of file infcodes.c.

◆ len

uInt inflate_codes_state::len

Definition at line 36 of file infcodes.c.

◆ lit

uInt inflate_codes_state::lit

Definition at line 42 of file infcodes.c.

◆ ltree

inflate_huft* inflate_codes_state::ltree

Definition at line 52 of file infcodes.c.

◆ mode

inflate_codes_mode inflate_codes_state::mode

Definition at line 33 of file infcodes.c.

◆ need

uInt inflate_codes_state::need

Definition at line 40 of file infcodes.c.


union { ... } inflate_codes_state::sub

◆ tree

inflate_huft* inflate_codes_state::tree

Definition at line 39 of file infcodes.c.

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