ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8393-g61b7fb9
slipif.h File Reference
#include "lwip/opt.h"
#include "lwip/netif.h"
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#define SLIP_RX_FROM_ISR   0


err_t slipif_init (struct netif *netif)
void slipif_poll (struct netif *netif)

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#define SLIP_RX_FROM_ISR   0

Set this to 1 to enable functions to pass in RX bytes from ISR context. If enabled, slipif_received_byte[s]() process incoming bytes and put assembled packets on a queue, which is fed into lwIP from slipif_poll(). If disabled, slipif_poll() polls the serila line (using sio_tryread()).

Definition at line 53 of file slipif.h.



Set this to 1 (default for SLIP_RX_FROM_ISR) to queue incoming packets received by slipif_received_byte[s]() as long as PBUF_POOL pbufs are available. If disabled, packets will be dropped if more than one packet is received.

Definition at line 61 of file slipif.h.



Set this to 1 to start a thread that blocks reading on the serial line (using sio_read()).

Definition at line 44 of file slipif.h.

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◆ slipif_init()

err_t slipif_init ( struct netif netif)

◆ slipif_poll()

void slipif_poll ( struct netif netif)