ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1377-ga59cecd
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1 /*
2  * PROJECT: .inf file parser
3  * LICENSE: GPL - See COPYING in the top level directory
4  * PROGRAMMER: Royce Mitchell III
5  * Eric Kohl
6  * Ge van Geldorp <>
7  */
9 #pragma once
11 #ifdef __cplusplus
12 extern "C" {
13 #endif /* __cplusplus */
15 #include "infcommon.h"
17 extern int InfHostOpenBufferedFile(PHINF InfHandle,
18  void *Buffer,
20  LANGID LanguageId,
21  ULONG *ErrorLine);
22 extern int InfHostOpenFile(PHINF InfHandle,
23  const CHAR *FileName,
24  LANGID LanguageId,
25  ULONG *ErrorLine);
26 extern int InfHostWriteFile(HINF InfHandle,
27  const CHAR *FileName,
28  const CHAR *HeaderComment);
29 extern void InfHostCloseFile(HINF InfHandle);
30 extern int InfHostFindFirstLine(HINF InfHandle,
31  const WCHAR *Section,
32  const WCHAR *Key,
34 extern int InfHostFindNextLine(PINFCONTEXT ContextIn,
35  PINFCONTEXT ContextOut);
36 extern int InfHostFindFirstMatchLine(PINFCONTEXT ContextIn,
37  const WCHAR *Key,
38  PINFCONTEXT ContextOut);
39 extern int InfHostFindNextMatchLine(PINFCONTEXT ContextIn,
40  const WCHAR *Key,
41  PINFCONTEXT ContextOut);
42 extern LONG InfHostGetLineCount(HINF InfHandle,
43  const WCHAR *Section);
47  UCHAR *ReturnBuffer,
52  INT *IntegerValue);
55  WCHAR *ReturnBuffer,
60  WCHAR *ReturnBuffer,
64  WCHAR **Key,
65  WCHAR **Data);
68  WCHAR **Data);
69 extern int InfHostFindOrAddSection(HINF InfHandle,
70  const WCHAR *Section,
72 extern int InfHostAddLine(PINFCONTEXT Context, const WCHAR *Key);
73 extern int InfHostAddField(PINFCONTEXT Context, const WCHAR *Data);
76 #ifdef __cplusplus
77 }
78 #endif /* __cplusplus */
80 /* EOF */
int InfHostFindFirstLine(HINF InfHandle, const WCHAR *Section, const WCHAR *Key, PINFCONTEXT *Context)
Definition: infhostget.c:18
int InfHostFindFirstMatchLine(PINFCONTEXT ContextIn, const WCHAR *Key, PINFCONTEXT ContextOut)
Definition: infhostget.c:58
void InfHostCloseFile(HINF InfHandle)
Definition: infhostgen.c:283
char CHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:175
int InfHostGetIntField(PINFCONTEXT Context, ULONG FieldIndex, INT *IntegerValue)
Definition: infhostget.c:139
_In_ DWORD _In_ DWORD ReturnBufferSize
Definition: setupapi.h:1892
Definition: typedefs.h:81
int32_t INT
Definition: typedefs.h:58
LONG InfHostGetLineCount(HINF InfHandle, const WCHAR *Section)
Definition: inffile.h:18
long LONG
Definition: pedump.c:60
int InfHostGetData(PINFCONTEXT Context, WCHAR **Key, WCHAR **Data)
Definition: infhostget.c:205
int InfHostFindNextLine(PINFCONTEXT ContextIn, PINFCONTEXT ContextOut)
Definition: infhostget.c:39
Definition: bufpool.h:45
int InfHostFindOrAddSection(HINF InfHandle, const WCHAR *Section, PINFCONTEXT *Context)
Definition: infhostput.c:63
int InfHostAddLine(PINFCONTEXT Context, const WCHAR *Key)
Definition: infhostput.c:82
int InfHostGetDataField(PINFCONTEXT Context, ULONG FieldIndex, WCHAR **Data)
Definition: infhostget.c:225
__wchar_t WCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:180
_In_ DWORD FieldIndex
Definition: setupapi.h:1890
int InfHostGetMultiSzField(PINFCONTEXT Context, ULONG FieldIndex, WCHAR *ReturnBuffer, ULONG ReturnBufferSize, ULONG *RequiredSize)
Definition: infhostget.c:159
int InfHostGetStringField(PINFCONTEXT Context, ULONG FieldIndex, WCHAR *ReturnBuffer, ULONG ReturnBufferSize, ULONG *RequiredSize)
Definition: infhostget.c:182
unsigned char UCHAR
Definition: xmlstorage.h:181
int InfHostWriteFile(HINF InfHandle, const CHAR *FileName, const CHAR *HeaderComment)
Definition: infhostput.c:16
void InfHostFreeContext(PINFCONTEXT Context)
Definition: infhostget.c:244
int InfHostOpenBufferedFile(PHINF InfHandle, void *Buffer, ULONG BufferSize, LANGID LanguageId, ULONG *ErrorLine)
Definition: infhostgen.c:20
LONG InfHostGetFieldCount(PINFCONTEXT Context)
Definition: infhostget.c:109
unsigned int ULONG
Definition: retypes.h:1
int InfHostAddField(PINFCONTEXT Context, const WCHAR *Data)
Definition: infhostput.c:99
int InfHostFindNextMatchLine(PINFCONTEXT ContextIn, const WCHAR *Key, PINFCONTEXT ContextOut)
Definition: infhostget.c:78
_Must_inspect_result_ _In_ WDFDEVICE _In_ PWDF_DEVICE_PROPERTY_DATA _In_ ULONG _Out_ PVOID _Out_ PULONG RequiredSize
Definition: wdfdevice.h:4431
int InfHostOpenFile(PHINF InfHandle, const CHAR *FileName, LANGID LanguageId, ULONG *ErrorLine)
Definition: infhostgen.c:128
_In_ WDFMEMORY _Out_opt_ size_t * BufferSize
Definition: wdfmemory.h:251
int InfHostGetBinaryField(PINFCONTEXT Context, ULONG FieldIndex, UCHAR *ReturnBuffer, ULONG ReturnBufferSize, ULONG *RequiredSize)
Definition: infhostget.c:116