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tagHlpFileLink Struct Reference

#include <hlpfile.h>

Collaboration diagram for tagHlpFileLink:

Public Types

enum  { hlp_link_link , hlp_link_popup , hlp_link_macro }

Public Attributes

enum tagHlpFileLink:: { ... }  cookie
LPCSTR string
LONG hash
unsigned bClrChange: 1
unsigned bHotSpot: 1
unsigned window
struct tagHlpFileLinknext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file hlpfile.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 42 of file hlpfile.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bClrChange

unsigned tagHlpFileLink::bClrChange

Definition at line 45 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ bHotSpot

unsigned tagHlpFileLink::bHotSpot

Definition at line 46 of file hlpfile.h.


enum { ... } tagHlpFileLink::cookie

◆ cpMax

DWORD tagHlpFileLink::cpMax

Definition at line 49 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ cpMin

DWORD tagHlpFileLink::cpMin

Definition at line 48 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ hash

LONG tagHlpFileLink::hash

Definition at line 44 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ next

struct tagHlpFileLink* tagHlpFileLink::next

Definition at line 50 of file hlpfile.h.

Referenced by WINHELP_DeletePageLinks().

◆ string

LPCSTR tagHlpFileLink::string

Definition at line 43 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ window

unsigned tagHlpFileLink::window

Definition at line 47 of file hlpfile.h.

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