ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8222-g9164419
hidp.h File Reference
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PVOID NTAPI AllocFunction (ULONG Size)
VOID NTAPI FreeFunction (PVOID Item)
VOID NTAPI ZeroFunction (PVOID Item, ULONG Size)
VOID NTAPI CopyFunction (PVOID Target, PVOID Source, ULONG Size)
VOID __cdecl DebugFunction (LPCSTR Src,...)

Function Documentation

◆ AllocFunction()

PVOID NTAPI AllocFunction ( ULONG  Size)

◆ CopyFunction()

VOID NTAPI CopyFunction ( PVOID  Target,
PVOID  Source,
ULONG  Size 

◆ DebugFunction()

VOID __cdecl DebugFunction ( LPCSTR  Src,

◆ FreeFunction()

VOID NTAPI FreeFunction ( PVOID  Item)

◆ ZeroFunction()

VOID NTAPI ZeroFunction ( PVOID  Item,
ULONG  Size