ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-2153-g62b4c61
SLTG_OtherTypeInfo Struct Reference

#include <typelib.h>

Collaboration diagram for SLTG_OtherTypeInfo:

Public Attributes

SLTG_Name index_name
SLTG_Name other_name
WORD res1a
WORD name_offs
WORD hlpstr_len
WORD res20
DWORD helpcontext
WORD res26
GUID uuid
WORD typekind
WORD small_no
WORD more_bytes

Detailed Description

Definition at line 388 of file typelib.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ helpcontext

DWORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::helpcontext

Definition at line 397 of file typelib.h.

◆ hlpstr_len

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::hlpstr_len

Definition at line 393 of file typelib.h.

◆ index_name

SLTG_Name SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::index_name

Definition at line 389 of file typelib.h.

◆ more_bytes

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::more_bytes

Definition at line 396 of file typelib_struct.h.

◆ name_offs

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::name_offs

Definition at line 392 of file typelib.h.

◆ other_name

SLTG_Name SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::other_name

Definition at line 390 of file typelib.h.

◆ res1a

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::res1a

Definition at line 391 of file typelib.h.

◆ res20

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::res20

Definition at line 396 of file typelib.h.

◆ res26

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::res26

Definition at line 398 of file typelib.h.

◆ small_no

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::small_no

Definition at line 391 of file typelib_struct.h.

◆ typekind

WORD SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::typekind

Definition at line 400 of file typelib.h.

◆ uuid

GUID SLTG_OtherTypeInfo::uuid

Definition at line 399 of file typelib.h.

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