ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7887-g64a59a1
t1types.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
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struct  T1_EncodingRecRec_
struct  PS_FontExtraRec_
struct  T1_FontRec_
struct  CID_SubrsRec_
struct  AFM_TrackKernRec_
struct  AFM_KernPairRec_
struct  AFM_FontInfoRec_
struct  T1_FaceRec_
struct  CID_FaceRec_


typedef FT_BEGIN_HEADER struct T1_EncodingRecRec_ T1_EncodingRec
typedef FT_BEGIN_HEADER struct T1_EncodingRecRec_T1_Encoding
typedef struct PS_FontExtraRec_ PS_FontExtraRec
typedef struct T1_FontRec_ T1_FontRec
typedef struct T1_FontRec_T1_Font
typedef struct CID_SubrsRec_ CID_SubrsRec
typedef struct CID_SubrsRec_CID_Subrs
typedef struct AFM_TrackKernRec_ AFM_TrackKernRec
typedef struct AFM_TrackKernRec_AFM_TrackKern
typedef struct AFM_KernPairRec_ AFM_KernPairRec
typedef struct AFM_KernPairRec_AFM_KernPair
typedef struct AFM_FontInfoRec_ AFM_FontInfoRec
typedef struct AFM_FontInfoRec_AFM_FontInfo
typedef struct T1_FaceRec_T1_Face
typedef struct CID_FaceRec_CID_Face
typedef struct T1_FaceRec_ T1_FaceRec
typedef struct CID_FaceRec_ CID_FaceRec

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Definition at line 197 of file t1types.h.

◆ CID_FaceRec

◆ CID_Subrs

◆ CID_SubrsRec

◆ PS_FontExtraRec

◆ T1_Encoding

◆ T1_EncodingRec

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Definition at line 196 of file t1types.h.

◆ T1_FaceRec

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◆ T1_FontRec