ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8135-g1bc6c90
acpi_table_fadt Struct Reference

#include <actbl.h>

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Public Attributes

UINT32 Facs
UINT32 Dsdt
UINT8 Model
UINT8 PreferredProfile
UINT16 SciInterrupt
UINT32 SmiCommand
UINT8 AcpiEnable
UINT8 AcpiDisable
UINT8 S4BiosRequest
UINT8 PstateControl
UINT32 Pm1aEventBlock
UINT32 Pm1bEventBlock
UINT32 Pm1aControlBlock
UINT32 Pm1bControlBlock
UINT32 Pm2ControlBlock
UINT32 PmTimerBlock
UINT32 Gpe0Block
UINT32 Gpe1Block
UINT8 Pm1EventLength
UINT8 Pm1ControlLength
UINT8 Pm2ControlLength
UINT8 PmTimerLength
UINT8 Gpe0BlockLength
UINT8 Gpe1BlockLength
UINT8 Gpe1Base
UINT8 CstControl
UINT16 C2Latency
UINT16 C3Latency
UINT16 FlushSize
UINT16 FlushStride
UINT8 DutyOffset
UINT8 DutyWidth
UINT8 DayAlarm
UINT8 MonthAlarm
UINT8 Century
UINT16 BootFlags
UINT8 Reserved
UINT32 Flags
UINT8 ResetValue
UINT16 ArmBootFlags
UINT8 MinorRevision
UINT64 XFacs
UINT64 XDsdt
UINT64 HypervisorId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 258 of file actbl.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AcpiDisable

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::AcpiDisable

Definition at line 268 of file actbl.h.

◆ AcpiEnable

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::AcpiEnable

Definition at line 267 of file actbl.h.

◆ ArmBootFlags

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::ArmBootFlags

Definition at line 301 of file actbl.h.

◆ BootFlags

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::BootFlags

Definition at line 296 of file actbl.h.

◆ C2Latency

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::C2Latency

Definition at line 287 of file actbl.h.

◆ C3Latency

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::C3Latency

Definition at line 288 of file actbl.h.

◆ Century

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Century

Definition at line 295 of file actbl.h.

◆ CstControl

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::CstControl

Definition at line 286 of file actbl.h.

◆ DayAlarm

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::DayAlarm

Definition at line 293 of file actbl.h.

◆ Dsdt

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Dsdt

Definition at line 262 of file actbl.h.

◆ DutyOffset

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::DutyOffset

Definition at line 291 of file actbl.h.

◆ DutyWidth

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::DutyWidth

Definition at line 292 of file actbl.h.

◆ Facs

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Facs

Definition at line 261 of file actbl.h.

◆ Flags

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Flags

Definition at line 298 of file actbl.h.

◆ FlushSize

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::FlushSize

Definition at line 289 of file actbl.h.

◆ FlushStride

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::FlushStride

Definition at line 290 of file actbl.h.

◆ Gpe0Block

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Gpe0Block

Definition at line 277 of file actbl.h.

◆ Gpe0BlockLength

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Gpe0BlockLength

Definition at line 283 of file actbl.h.

◆ Gpe1Base

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Gpe1Base

Definition at line 285 of file actbl.h.

◆ Gpe1Block

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Gpe1Block

Definition at line 278 of file actbl.h.

◆ Gpe1BlockLength

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Gpe1BlockLength

Definition at line 284 of file actbl.h.

◆ Header

ACPI_TABLE_HEADER acpi_table_fadt::Header

Definition at line 260 of file actbl.h.

◆ HypervisorId

UINT64 acpi_table_fadt::HypervisorId

Definition at line 315 of file actbl.h.

◆ MinorRevision

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::MinorRevision

Definition at line 302 of file actbl.h.

◆ Model

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Model

Definition at line 263 of file actbl.h.

◆ MonthAlarm

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::MonthAlarm

Definition at line 294 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm1aControlBlock

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Pm1aControlBlock

Definition at line 273 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm1aEventBlock

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Pm1aEventBlock

Definition at line 271 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm1bControlBlock

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Pm1bControlBlock

Definition at line 274 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm1bEventBlock

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Pm1bEventBlock

Definition at line 272 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm1ControlLength

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Pm1ControlLength

Definition at line 280 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm1EventLength

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Pm1EventLength

Definition at line 279 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm2ControlBlock

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::Pm2ControlBlock

Definition at line 275 of file actbl.h.

◆ Pm2ControlLength

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Pm2ControlLength

Definition at line 281 of file actbl.h.

◆ PmTimerBlock

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::PmTimerBlock

Definition at line 276 of file actbl.h.

◆ PmTimerLength

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::PmTimerLength

Definition at line 282 of file actbl.h.

◆ PreferredProfile

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::PreferredProfile

Definition at line 264 of file actbl.h.

◆ PstateControl

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::PstateControl

Definition at line 270 of file actbl.h.

◆ Reserved

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::Reserved

Definition at line 297 of file actbl.h.

◆ ResetRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::ResetRegister

Definition at line 299 of file actbl.h.

◆ ResetValue

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::ResetValue

Definition at line 300 of file actbl.h.

◆ S4BiosRequest

UINT8 acpi_table_fadt::S4BiosRequest

Definition at line 269 of file actbl.h.

◆ SciInterrupt

UINT16 acpi_table_fadt::SciInterrupt

Definition at line 265 of file actbl.h.

◆ SleepControl

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::SleepControl

Definition at line 313 of file actbl.h.

◆ SleepStatus

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::SleepStatus

Definition at line 314 of file actbl.h.

◆ SmiCommand

UINT32 acpi_table_fadt::SmiCommand

Definition at line 266 of file actbl.h.

◆ XDsdt

UINT64 acpi_table_fadt::XDsdt

Definition at line 304 of file actbl.h.

◆ XFacs

UINT64 acpi_table_fadt::XFacs

Definition at line 303 of file actbl.h.

◆ XGpe0Block

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XGpe0Block

Definition at line 311 of file actbl.h.

◆ XGpe1Block

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XGpe1Block

Definition at line 312 of file actbl.h.

◆ XPm1aControlBlock

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XPm1aControlBlock

Definition at line 307 of file actbl.h.

◆ XPm1aEventBlock

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XPm1aEventBlock

Definition at line 305 of file actbl.h.

◆ XPm1bControlBlock

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XPm1bControlBlock

Definition at line 308 of file actbl.h.

◆ XPm1bEventBlock

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XPm1bEventBlock

Definition at line 306 of file actbl.h.

◆ XPm2ControlBlock

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XPm2ControlBlock

Definition at line 309 of file actbl.h.

◆ XPmTimerBlock

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_table_fadt::XPmTimerBlock

Definition at line 310 of file actbl.h.

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