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tagPropertyStorage_impl Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

IPropertyStorage IPropertyStorage_iface
LONG ref
BOOL dirty
FMTID fmtid
CLSID clsid
WORD format
DWORD originatorOS
DWORD grfFlags
DWORD grfMode
UINT codePage
LCID locale
PROPID highestProp
struct dictionaryname_to_propid
struct dictionarypropid_to_name
struct dictionarypropid_to_prop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 153 of file stg_prop.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ clsid

CLSID tagPropertyStorage_impl::clsid

Definition at line 161 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ codePage

UINT tagPropertyStorage_impl::codePage

Definition at line 166 of file stg_prop.c.

Referenced by PropertyStorage_ConstructEmpty().

◆ cs

CRITICAL_SECTION tagPropertyStorage_impl::cs

Definition at line 157 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ dirty

BOOL tagPropertyStorage_impl::dirty

Definition at line 159 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ fmtid

FMTID tagPropertyStorage_impl::fmtid

Definition at line 160 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ format

WORD tagPropertyStorage_impl::format

Definition at line 162 of file stg_prop.c.

Referenced by PropertyStorage_ConstructEmpty().

◆ grfFlags

DWORD tagPropertyStorage_impl::grfFlags

Definition at line 164 of file stg_prop.c.

Referenced by PropertyStorage_ConstructEmpty().

◆ grfMode

DWORD tagPropertyStorage_impl::grfMode

Definition at line 165 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ highestProp

PROPID tagPropertyStorage_impl::highestProp

Definition at line 168 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ IPropertyStorage_iface

IPropertyStorage tagPropertyStorage_impl::IPropertyStorage_iface

◆ locale

LCID tagPropertyStorage_impl::locale

Definition at line 167 of file stg_prop.c.

Referenced by PropertyStorage_ConstructEmpty().

◆ name_to_propid

struct dictionary* tagPropertyStorage_impl::name_to_propid

Definition at line 169 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ originatorOS

DWORD tagPropertyStorage_impl::originatorOS

Definition at line 163 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ propid_to_name

struct dictionary* tagPropertyStorage_impl::propid_to_name

Definition at line 170 of file stg_prop.c.

Referenced by prop_enum_copy_cb().

◆ propid_to_prop

struct dictionary* tagPropertyStorage_impl::propid_to_prop

Definition at line 171 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ ref

LONG tagPropertyStorage_impl::ref

Definition at line 156 of file stg_prop.c.

◆ stm

IStream* tagPropertyStorage_impl::stm

Definition at line 158 of file stg_prop.c.

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