ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8116-gf69e256
acpi_apmt_node Struct Reference

#include <actbl2.h>

Public Attributes

UINT16 Length
UINT8 Flags
UINT8 Type
UINT64 InstPrimary
UINT32 InstSecondary
UINT64 BaseAddress0
UINT64 BaseAddress1
UINT32 OvflwIrq
UINT32 Reserved
UINT32 OvflwIrqFlags
UINT32 ProcAffinity
UINT32 ImplId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 340 of file actbl2.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ BaseAddress0

UINT64 acpi_apmt_node::BaseAddress0

Definition at line 347 of file actbl2.h.

◆ BaseAddress1

UINT64 acpi_apmt_node::BaseAddress1

Definition at line 348 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Flags

UINT8 acpi_apmt_node::Flags

Definition at line 342 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Id

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::Id

Definition at line 344 of file actbl2.h.

◆ ImplId

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::ImplId

Definition at line 353 of file actbl2.h.

◆ InstPrimary

UINT64 acpi_apmt_node::InstPrimary

Definition at line 345 of file actbl2.h.

◆ InstSecondary

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::InstSecondary

Definition at line 346 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Length

UINT16 acpi_apmt_node::Length

Definition at line 341 of file actbl2.h.

◆ OvflwIrq

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::OvflwIrq

Definition at line 349 of file actbl2.h.

◆ OvflwIrqFlags

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::OvflwIrqFlags

Definition at line 351 of file actbl2.h.

◆ ProcAffinity

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::ProcAffinity

Definition at line 352 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Reserved

UINT32 acpi_apmt_node::Reserved

Definition at line 350 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Type

UINT8 acpi_apmt_node::Type

Definition at line 343 of file actbl2.h.

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