ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5608-gafb953a
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1 /* FTP.h
2  *
3  * Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Mike Gleason, NCEMRSoft.
4  * All rights reserved.
5  *
6  */
8 /* FTP.c */
9 void MyInetAddr(char *, size_t, char **, int);
10 int GetOurHostName(char *, size_t);
12 int SetKeepAlive(const FTPCIPtr, int);
13 int SetLinger(const FTPCIPtr, int, int);
14 int SetTypeOfService(const FTPCIPtr, int, int);
15 int SetInlineOutOfBandData(const FTPCIPtr, int);
16 int OpenControlConnection(const FTPCIPtr, char *, unsigned int);
17 void CloseDataConnection(const FTPCIPtr);
19 int OpenDataConnection(const FTPCIPtr, int);
21 void HangupOnServer(const FTPCIPtr);
22 void SendTelnetInterrupt(const FTPCIPtr);
void SendTelnetInterrupt(const FTPCIPtr)
Definition: ftp.c:1328
int OpenDataConnection(const FTPCIPtr, int)
Definition: ftp.c:1053
int SetStartOffset(const FTPCIPtr, longest_int)
Definition: ftp.c:853
int GetOurHostName(char *, size_t)
Definition: ftp.c:81
void HangupOnServer(const FTPCIPtr)
Definition: ftp.c:1314
int AcceptDataConnection(const FTPCIPtr)
Definition: ftp.c:1249
void MyInetAddr(char *, size_t, char **, int)
Definition: util.c:185
int OpenControlConnection(const FTPCIPtr, char *, unsigned int)
Definition: ftp.c:347
#define longest_int
Definition: ncftp.h:68
int SetTypeOfService(const FTPCIPtr, int, int)
int SetKeepAlive(const FTPCIPtr, int)
Definition: ftp.c:239
int SetInlineOutOfBandData(const FTPCIPtr, int)
void CloseDataConnection(const FTPCIPtr)
Definition: ftp.c:831
void CloseControlConnection(const FTPCIPtr)
Definition: ftp.c:197
int SetLinger(const FTPCIPtr, int, int)
Definition: ftp.c:262