ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8131-g4988de4
acpi_create_field_info Struct Reference

#include <aclocal.h>

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Public Attributes

UINT32 BankValue
UINT32 FieldBitPosition
UINT32 FieldBitLength
UINT16 ResourceLength
UINT16 PinNumberIndex
UINT8 FieldFlags
UINT8 Attribute
UINT8 FieldType
UINT8 AccessLength

Detailed Description

Definition at line 302 of file aclocal.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AccessLength

UINT8 acpi_create_field_info::AccessLength

Definition at line 318 of file aclocal.h.

◆ Attribute

UINT8 acpi_create_field_info::Attribute

Definition at line 316 of file aclocal.h.

◆ BankValue

UINT32 acpi_create_field_info::BankValue

Definition at line 310 of file aclocal.h.

◆ ConnectionNode

ACPI_NAMESPACE_NODE* acpi_create_field_info::ConnectionNode

Definition at line 308 of file aclocal.h.

◆ DataRegisterNode

ACPI_NAMESPACE_NODE* acpi_create_field_info::DataRegisterNode

Definition at line 307 of file aclocal.h.

◆ FieldBitLength

UINT32 acpi_create_field_info::FieldBitLength

Definition at line 312 of file aclocal.h.

◆ FieldBitPosition

UINT32 acpi_create_field_info::FieldBitPosition

Definition at line 311 of file aclocal.h.

◆ FieldFlags

UINT8 acpi_create_field_info::FieldFlags

Definition at line 315 of file aclocal.h.

◆ FieldNode

ACPI_NAMESPACE_NODE* acpi_create_field_info::FieldNode

Definition at line 305 of file aclocal.h.

◆ FieldType

UINT8 acpi_create_field_info::FieldType

Definition at line 317 of file aclocal.h.

◆ PinNumberIndex

UINT16 acpi_create_field_info::PinNumberIndex

Definition at line 314 of file aclocal.h.

◆ RegionNode

ACPI_NAMESPACE_NODE* acpi_create_field_info::RegionNode

Definition at line 304 of file aclocal.h.

◆ RegisterNode

ACPI_NAMESPACE_NODE* acpi_create_field_info::RegisterNode

Definition at line 306 of file aclocal.h.

◆ ResourceBuffer

UINT8* acpi_create_field_info::ResourceBuffer

Definition at line 309 of file aclocal.h.

◆ ResourceLength

UINT16 acpi_create_field_info::ResourceLength

Definition at line 313 of file aclocal.h.

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