ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8102-g108db8f
tagCOLOR Union Reference

#include <icm.h>

Collaboration diagram for tagCOLOR:

Public Attributes

struct GRAYCOLOR gray
struct RGBCOLOR rgb
struct CMYKCOLOR cmyk
struct YxyCOLOR Yxy
struct LabCOLOR Lab
struct GENERIC3CHANNEL gen3ch
struct NAMEDCOLOR named
struct HiFiCOLOR hifi
struct {
   DWORD   reserved1
   VOID *   reserved2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 104 of file icm.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cmyk

struct CMYKCOLOR tagCOLOR::cmyk

Definition at line 108 of file icm.h.


struct { ... } tagCOLOR::DUMMYSTRUCTNAME

◆ gen3ch

struct GENERIC3CHANNEL tagCOLOR::gen3ch

Definition at line 112 of file icm.h.

◆ gray

struct GRAYCOLOR tagCOLOR::gray

Definition at line 106 of file icm.h.

◆ hifi

struct HiFiCOLOR tagCOLOR::hifi

Definition at line 114 of file icm.h.

◆ Lab

struct LabCOLOR tagCOLOR::Lab

Definition at line 111 of file icm.h.

◆ named

struct NAMEDCOLOR tagCOLOR::named

Definition at line 113 of file icm.h.

◆ reserved1

DWORD tagCOLOR::reserved1

Definition at line 117 of file icm.h.

◆ reserved2

VOID* tagCOLOR::reserved2

Definition at line 118 of file icm.h.

◆ rgb

struct RGBCOLOR tagCOLOR::rgb

Definition at line 107 of file icm.h.



Definition at line 109 of file icm.h.

◆ Yxy

struct YxyCOLOR tagCOLOR::Yxy

Definition at line 110 of file icm.h.

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