ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7705-g2320c37
kd.h File Reference
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BOOLEAN NTAPI KdPortInitializeEx (PCPPORT PortInformation, ULONG ComPortNumber)
BOOLEAN NTAPI KdPortGetByteEx (PCPPORT PortInformation, PUCHAR ByteReceived)
VOID NTAPI KdPortPutByteEx (PCPPORT PortInformation, UCHAR ByteToSend)

Function Documentation

◆ KdPortGetByteEx()

BOOLEAN NTAPI KdPortGetByteEx ( PCPPORT  PortInformation,
PUCHAR  ByteReceived 

◆ KdPortInitializeEx()

BOOLEAN NTAPI KdPortInitializeEx ( PCPPORT  PortInformation,
ULONG  ComPortNumber 

Referenced by KdpSerialInit().

◆ KdPortPutByteEx()

VOID NTAPI KdPortPutByteEx ( PCPPORT  PortInformation,
UCHAR  ByteToSend 

Referenced by DbgPrintEarly(), and KdpSerialPrint().