ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7906-g1b85a5f
PostDbgMesg.h File Reference

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BOOLEAN _cdecl DbgDump_Printf (PCHAR Format,...)
BOOLEAN __stdcall DbgDump_Print (PCHAR Msg)
BOOLEAN __stdcall DbgDump_Printn (PCHAR Msg, ULONG Length)
BOOLEAN __stdcall DbgDump_Reconnect (VOID)
VOID __stdcall DbgDump_Disconnect (VOID)
VOID __stdcall DbgDump_SetAutoReconnect (BOOLEAN AutoReconnect)

Function Documentation

◆ DbgDump_Disconnect()

VOID __stdcall DbgDump_Disconnect ( VOID  )

◆ DbgDump_Print()

BOOLEAN __stdcall DbgDump_Print ( PCHAR  Msg)

◆ DbgDump_Printf()

BOOLEAN _cdecl DbgDump_Printf ( PCHAR  Format,

◆ DbgDump_Printn()

BOOLEAN __stdcall DbgDump_Printn ( PCHAR  Msg,
ULONG  Length 

◆ DbgDump_Reconnect()

BOOLEAN __stdcall DbgDump_Reconnect ( VOID  )

◆ DbgDump_SetAutoReconnect()

VOID __stdcall DbgDump_SetAutoReconnect ( BOOLEAN  AutoReconnect)