ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8408-g466a198
testlist.cpp File Reference
#include "ddrawtest.h"
#include "debug.cpp"
#include "DDraw/create.cpp"
#include "DDraw/display_modes.cpp"
#include "DDraw/available_mem.cpp"
#include "Surface/create.cpp"
#include "Surface/private_data.cpp"
#include "Surface/blt.cpp"
#include "Surface/misc.cpp"
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INT NumTests (void)


TEST TestList []

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Definition at line 2 of file testlist.cpp.

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◆ NumTests()

INT NumTests ( void  )

Definition at line 32 of file testlist.cpp.

34 return sizeof(TestList) / sizeof(TEST);
Definition: comm.c:65
TEST TestList[]
Definition: testlist.cpp:17

Referenced by main().

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◆ TestList

Initial value:
{ "IDirectDraw: COM Stuff", Test_CreateDDraw },
{ "IDirectDraw: GetDeviceIdentifier", Test_GetDeviceIdentifier },
{ "IDirectDraw: Display Modes", Test_DisplayModes },
{ "IDirectDraw: Available Video Memory", Test_GetAvailableVidMem },
{ "IDirectDraw: GetFourCC", Test_GetFourCCCodes },
{ "IDirectDraw: Cooperative Levels", Test_SetCooperativeLevel },
{ "IDirectDrawSurface: Creation", Test_CreateSurface },
{ "IDirectDrawSurface: Blting", Test_Blt },
{ "IDirectDrawSurface: Private Data", Test_PrivateData },
{ "IDirectDrawSurface: Miscellaneous Tests", Test_Misc },
BOOL Test_GetAvailableVidMem(INT *passed, INT *failed)
BOOL Test_Blt(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: blt.cpp:136
BOOL Test_DisplayModes(INT *passed, INT *failed)
BOOL Test_CreateDDraw(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: create.cpp:5
BOOL Test_GetFourCCCodes(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: create.cpp:89
BOOL Test_GetDeviceIdentifier(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: create.cpp:115
BOOL Test_SetCooperativeLevel(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: create.cpp:41
BOOL Test_CreateSurface(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: create.cpp:26
BOOL Test_Misc(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: misc.cpp:3
BOOL Test_PrivateData(INT *passed, INT *failed)
Definition: private_data.cpp:3

Definition at line 17 of file testlist.cpp.

Referenced by NumTests().