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amstream_classes.idl File Reference

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class  MediaStreamFilter
class  AMMultiMediaStream


coclass MediaStreamFilter helpstring ("Stream Class")
coclass MediaStreamFilter threading (both)
coclass MediaStreamFilter uuid (49c47ce4-9ba4-11d0-8212-00c04fc32c45)] coclass AMDirectDrawStream
coclass AMMultiMediaStream helpstring ("AuStream Class")
coclass AMMultiMediaStream uuid (f2468580-af8a-11d0-8212-00c04fc32c45)] coclass AMAudioData

Function Documentation

◆ helpstring() [1/2]

coclass AMMultiMediaStream helpstring ( "AuStream Class )

◆ helpstring() [2/2]

coclass MediaStreamFilter helpstring ( "Stream Class )

◆ threading()

coclass MediaStreamFilter threading ( both  )

◆ uuid() [1/2]

coclass MediaStreamFilter uuid ( 49c47ce4-9ba4-11d0-8212-  00c04fc32c45)

Definition at line 33 of file amstream_classes.idl.

◆ uuid() [2/2]

coclass AMMultiMediaStream uuid ( f2468580-af8a-11d0-8212-  00c04fc32c45)

Definition at line 47 of file amstream_classes.idl.

49  { interface IAudioData; }