ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8109-gd7be748
CDirectSoundBuffer Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for CDirectSoundBuffer:

Public Attributes

const IDirectSoundBuffer8Vtbl * lpVtbl
LONG ref
DWORD dwLevel
DWORD dwFlags
DWORD dwFrequency
LONG Volume
LONG VolumePan
DWORD BufferPosition
DWORD BufferSize
DWORD Position
DWORD PlayPosition

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file primary.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Buffer

PUCHAR CDirectSoundBuffer::Buffer

Definition at line 26 of file secondary.c.

◆ BufferPosition

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::BufferPosition

Definition at line 22 of file secondary.c.

◆ BufferSize

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::BufferSize

Definition at line 27 of file secondary.c.

◆ dwFlags

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::dwFlags

Definition at line 20 of file primary.c.

◆ dwFrequency

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::dwFrequency

Definition at line 21 of file primary.c.

◆ dwLevel

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::dwLevel

Definition at line 19 of file primary.c.

◆ Filter

LPFILTERINFO CDirectSoundBuffer::Filter

Definition at line 18 of file primary.c.

◆ Flags

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::Flags

Definition at line 29 of file secondary.c.

◆ Format [1/2]

WAVEFORMATEX CDirectSoundBuffer::Format

Definition at line 24 of file primary.c.

◆ Format [2/2]

LPWAVEFORMATEX CDirectSoundBuffer::Format

Definition at line 25 of file secondary.c.

◆ hPin

HANDLE CDirectSoundBuffer::hPin

Definition at line 25 of file primary.c.

◆ Lock

CRITICAL_SECTION CDirectSoundBuffer::Lock

Definition at line 26 of file primary.c.

◆ lpVtbl

const IDirectSoundBuffer8Vtbl * CDirectSoundBuffer::lpVtbl

Definition at line 15 of file primary.c.

◆ PlayPosition

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::PlayPosition

Definition at line 31 of file secondary.c.

◆ Position

DWORD CDirectSoundBuffer::Position

Definition at line 30 of file secondary.c.

◆ PrimaryBuffer

LPDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER8 CDirectSoundBuffer::PrimaryBuffer

Definition at line 33 of file secondary.c.

◆ ref

LONG CDirectSoundBuffer::ref

Definition at line 16 of file primary.c.

◆ State

KSSTATE CDirectSoundBuffer::State

Definition at line 27 of file primary.c.

◆ Volume

LONG CDirectSoundBuffer::Volume

Definition at line 22 of file primary.c.

◆ VolumePan

LONG CDirectSoundBuffer::VolumePan

Definition at line 23 of file primary.c.

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