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1/* ls.h
2 *
3 * Copyright (c) 1992-2001 by Mike Gleason.
4 * All rights reserved.
5 *
6 */
8#define kLsCacheItemLifetime 900 /* seconds */
10typedef struct LsCacheItem {
11 char *itempath;
14 int hits;
17#define kLsCacheSize 32
19/* ls.c */
20void InitLsCache(void);
21void InitLsMonths(void);
22void InitLs(void);
23void FlushLsCache(void);
24int LsCacheLookup(const char *const);
25void LsDate(char *, time_t);
26void LsL(FileInfoListPtr, int, int, FILE *);
27void Ls1(FileInfoListPtr, int, FILE *);
28void Ls(const char *const, int, const char *const, FILE *);
29void LLs(const char *const, int, const char *const, FILE *);
__kernel_time_t time_t
Definition: linux.h:252
int LsCacheLookup(const char *const)
Definition: ls.c:110
void Ls1(FileInfoListPtr, int, FILE *)
Definition: ls.c:419
void InitLsMonths(void)
Definition: ls.c:47
void FlushLsCache(void)
Definition: ls.c:94
void InitLs(void)
Definition: ls.c:68
void Ls(const char *const, int, const char *const, FILE *)
Definition: ls.c:465
void LsL(FileInfoListPtr, int, int, FILE *)
Definition: ls.c:284
void LsDate(char *, time_t)
Definition: ls.c:250
void LLs(const char *const, int, const char *const, FILE *)
void InitLsCache(void)
Definition: ls.c:36
Definition: ls.h:10
char * itempath
Definition: ls.h:11
FileInfoList fil
Definition: ls.h:12
int hits
Definition: ls.h:14
time_t expiration
Definition: ls.h:13