ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5487-ge7bbbf0
host_object_data Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

const IIDiid
MSHLFLAGS marshal_flags
const CLSIDregister_clsid
HANDLE marshal_event
IID iid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 602 of file marshal.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ filter

IMessageFilter * host_object_data::filter

Definition at line 608 of file marshal.c.

◆ iid [1/2]

IID host_object_data::iid

Definition at line 93 of file usrmarshal.c.

◆ iid [2/2]

IID host_object_data::iid

Definition at line 605 of file marshal.c.

◆ marshal_event

HANDLE host_object_data::marshal_event

Definition at line 611 of file marshal.c.

Referenced by start_host_object2().

◆ marshal_flags

MSHLFLAGS host_object_data::marshal_flags

Definition at line 607 of file marshal.c.

Referenced by start_host_object(), and start_host_object2().

◆ object

IUnknown * host_object_data::object

Definition at line 606 of file marshal.c.

◆ register_clsid

const CLSID* host_object_data::register_clsid

Definition at line 610 of file marshal.c.

◆ register_object

IUnknown* host_object_data::register_object

Definition at line 609 of file marshal.c.

◆ stream

IStream * host_object_data::stream

Definition at line 604 of file marshal.c.

Referenced by test_channel_hook(), test_marshal_channel_buffer(), and test_message_filter().

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