ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7907-g95bf896
test_mem.h File Reference
#include "../lwip_check.h"
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Suite * mem_suite (void)

Function Documentation

◆ mem_suite()

Suite * mem_suite ( void  )

Create the suite including all tests for this module

Definition at line 67 of file test_mem.c.

69 TFun tests[] = {
70 test_mem_one
71 };
72 return create_suite("MEM", tests, sizeof(tests)/sizeof(TFun), mem_setup, mem_teardown);
static Suite * create_suite(const char *name, TFun *tests, size_t num_tests, SFun setup, SFun teardown)
Definition: lwip_check.h:20
static struct test_info tests[]
static void mem_teardown(void)
Definition: test_mem.c:21
static void mem_setup(void)
Definition: test_mem.c:16

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