ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5097-g328cc41
t1cmap.h File Reference
#include <ft2build.h>
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struct  T1_CMapStdRec_
struct  T1_CMapCustomRec_


typedef typedefFT_BEGIN_HEADER struct T1_CMapStdRec_T1_CMapStd
typedef struct T1_CMapStdRec_ T1_CMapStdRec
typedef struct T1_CMapCustomRec_T1_CMapCustom
typedef struct T1_CMapCustomRec_ T1_CMapCustomRec


FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_standard_class_rec
FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_expert_class_rec
FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_custom_class_rec
FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_unicode_class_rec

Typedef Documentation

◆ T1_CMapCustom

Definition at line 68 of file t1cmap.h.

◆ T1_CMapCustomRec

◆ T1_CMapStd

typedef typedefFT_BEGIN_HEADER struct T1_CMapStdRec_* T1_CMapStd

Definition at line 38 of file t1cmap.h.

◆ T1_CMapStdRec

Variable Documentation

◆ t1_cmap_custom_class_rec

FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_custom_class_rec

Definition at line 81 of file t1cmap.h.

◆ t1_cmap_expert_class_rec

FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_expert_class_rec

Definition at line 57 of file t1cmap.h.

◆ t1_cmap_standard_class_rec

FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_standard_class_rec

Definition at line 54 of file t1cmap.h.

◆ t1_cmap_unicode_class_rec

FT_CALLBACK_TABLE const FT_CMap_ClassRec t1_cmap_unicode_class_rec

Definition at line 95 of file t1cmap.h.